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David Found Sounds: Baby Birds

Found Sounds is a SoundCloud community series focusing on some of the most weird and wonderful sounds that can be found on SoundCloud. Count on new installments with some of our favorite sounds each Tuesday!

Bird sounds are some of the most common field recordings on SoundCloud — and why not? Birds make some great noises, and they’re all around us. But that’s not to say that all of the bird noises are common ones; if you dig, you can find some hard-to-get recordings from exotic animals, or today’s topic, baby birds.

Today’s first found sound comes from Jonathan P. Williams, who recorded a group of baby house wrens at feeding time. This sound is just one of the great nature recordings on his profile from around Lower Waterford, Vermont.

Baby House Wrens by Jonathan P. Williams


Next up is a sound from FearedZero in Chicago, who also releases music on SoundCloud under the name Detached Sky. He’s released this “Screaming baby bird” recording for download and under a Creative Commons license. The little bird has a rhythm to him, and would make a great addition to the right track!

Screaming baby bird by FearedZero


Last up for the day is a great combination of sounds from a user who goes by the username Photosdie. He and his son, Sam, found a baby birds nest in a decorative tank in a local park in Salem, Massachusetts. In this recording, you hear a little exposition from the young Sam, and then the birds. It’s great, give it a listen!

Babybirds by Photosdie

photo: Where is Dinner ? / Gail Hicks / CC BY-SA 2.0

That’s all for this week’s Found Sounds! Tune in next week for more crazy sounds from the ‘Cloud.

David Fun Friday: Meet Kristina Weise

This week we welcome Kristina Weise to the SoundCloud team! She will be joining us at our San Francisco office! Please say “hi”, listen to her audio message and read more on the blog below!

Hello, SoundCloud Community by Kristina Weise

Hey Kristina, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and do this Fun Friday interview! How are you doing today?

I am doing awesome! After 7.5 years in New York City, I am currently packing up my life to head out to San Francisco for a new adventure thanks to SoundCloud. So things are a bit busy, but I wouldn’t want them any other way.

First, can you take a minute and let us know what you do at SoundCloud?

I am the US PR Manager at SoundCloud. I spend most of my days speaking with media (traditional, online, radio, broadcast, podcasts, etc.) to strengthen our relationships with them or introduce SoundCloud to a new set of creators. In essence, at the leading social sound sharing platform, I am responsible for US media relations, press releases, and awards.

You will be working from the San Francisco office and you are moving from NYC, right? What are you looking forward most to when you get to the west coast? I recommend trying It’s-It Ice Cream, biking across the Golden Gate bridge and visiting Santa Cruz whenever possible!

Thanks for the tips! Yes, I am moving to San Francisco this September. It’s the first time I am not living on the East Coast so it will be a brand new experience for me. I am most looking forward to having dinner at Zuni Café and brunch at Kate’s Kitchen. I can’t wait to capture the sounds from the famer’s market at The Ferry Building, toasts at Danny Coyle’s, and the feedback from when someone tries beer ice cream at Magnolia Pub & Brewery. I’ll probably walk over the Golden Gate Bridge a few times and try not to compare it to The Brooklyn…

This is a question I always love asking – How did you get introduced to the ‘Cloud?

A lot of my friends are on SoundCloud capturing social sounds in their cities, interviews with family members, or uploading music they created. SoundCloud’s record button makes it so easy for anyone to capture and upload the audio world around them — it made me want to sign up.

And this is an easy one – What are your favorite things about working at SoundCloud so far?

There are hundreds of things, but the overall passion among my colleagues is so inspiring. It is apparent that everyone is working very hard to continue to make SoundCloud a success.

At the moment, what are your favorite sounds on the ‘Cloud?

• I’m a huge fan of Frightened Rabbit
Latest tracks by Frightened Rabbit

and Fever Ray
Latest tracks by Fever Ray

• I love Kai Altair’s music
• I adore this NYC Nomad interview of a Stuytown resident (which is the apartment complex where I’ve lived for past 3 years)
An Interview with 94 Year Old Bernie in Stuy Town by thenycnomad

Lastly, do you have any fun facts you can tell us about? I have a feeling you might be a beard connoisseur? Is that right?

Correct! I am the co-founder of Build-a-Beard along with the amazing Alex Aizenberg. Build-a-Beard recognizes those who display a commitment to the excellence of facial hair growing whether fully maintained, trimmed daily, or free flowing. We embrace beards, ‘staches, goatee styles, flavor savors, soul patches, chin straps, muttonchops, and any form of facial fuzz creativity. It’s been a blast… from organizing a Brooklyn Beard Ball to help raise money for RightRides to being invited onto Frightened Rabbit’s tour bus for an interview – it’s incredible what a little facial hair can do. We’ve been featured in The New York Post, NBC New York, and Social Nerdia amongst other outlets.

So, where can we find you on the interwebz??



SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Anchorage

Photo taken by Alaskan Dude, found on Flickr

SoundCloud Local this week is taking a look at Anchorage, USA. And yes, that’s right, this city is located in the cold state of Alaska! This northern area has some hidden gems (also known as awesome SoundClouders). Check them out below!

Starship Amazing
Starship Amazing is a musical electronic group based out of Anchorage, Alaska. Derek Alexander and Calvin Hansen formed Starship Amazing in the early summer of 2007, and after that, a legend was born! Since then, they have independently produced five full-length albums!

Ambrose Freeman-Toole uploads neo-romantic and hardcore tunes. He writes music in hopes of evoking images of hunting parties, galloping horses, operas and more. Don’t be fooled by the first couple of tracks though. If you keep listening you’ll be swept away to a completely different place then before.

Here’s a guy who’s just started using MPC (that’s a music-editing program)! He goes by the name of Charles Harrison-Jimmy — or .Sound.Smith on the ‘Cloud — and uploads some cool tracks using his new software. He’s doing a great job for just starting out! You can hear the progress he’s making already.

Socialtrophy is Eric Hayes, a guy uploading samples and sounds based in the wintery city of Anchorage. A lot of his sounds are just tests that he’s created with his Macbook, using SoundCloud in a different way — uploading tests to see how they sound! Hear his short clips below.

From the chilly landscapes of Alaska comes a talented new artist by the name of Lucidstatic — or Jimmy Church. His tracks are a blend of glitch, breakcore, industrial, IDM, and can sometimes provoke a bit of fear. Lucidstatic is an innovator of hard electronic sounds. You can get a taste of it in the red player!

Curious and wanting a bit more? Check out

If you’re based in Anchorage, we’ve created a group and are hoping you’ll join/submit tracks.

We encourage everyone to check out to see if a SoundCloud meetup is coming your way and feel free to start your own if not! Take a look at our SoundCloud Local features to see if your area has been looked at yet!