SoundCloud SoundCloud Mobile: Sign up, Log in, Favorite & Follow!

Since launching the first version SoundCloud Mobile back in March of this year, the response has been overwhelming. We’ve been observing that more and more of you are accessing SoundCloud on your smartphones – the number of visits almost tripled in the last 3 months. Although you could previously play tracks and sets, search SoundCloud and explore genres and groups, there was still one important piece missing  – you were not able to log in or sign up to SoundCloud on the mobile pages, you had to go to the main site.Today, that’s changing with a massive new iteration of SoundCloud Mobile: you are now able to access your SoundCloud account from a phone, bringing you closer to the experience you’re used to from the main site.

Here’s a run-down of the new features:

  • Follow/unfollow other members of the Community
  • Browse profiles and save to favorites
  • Receive recommendations for people to follow: your Facebook friends and suggested people
  • Access your Dashboard feed
  • Seamless playback while browsing

What do you think? We think that’s pretty cool. As always, give us your feedback in the comments below and help spreading the word about SoundCloud Mobile via Twitter.

For those of you who are interested in learning about the technology behind SoundCloud Mobile head over to our Backstage blog for a fresh new post by our developers.

  • Hope you manage to implement a browser-based mobile version too! I would only need to see stats and text updates.

  • How you mean? This is mobile browser-based. You mean desktop browser, mobile optimized?

  • I just see grey on my Nokia.

  • Great stuff, improved on an already great site!

  • Amanda Miller

    Danke! This rocks!

  • ALiCE[[AhOLiC]]LoveIsLike

    I luv it! …enjoyed…!!

  • Douglas Montiel

    I like is very cool .???

  • Christopher L. Snyder

    Love sound cloud!

  • DF

    Where is the Android app?

  • Quinnc071


  • Sweet Jane

    I fail to dwnld the SoundCloud App from android market since months/ on Sony Experia mini – probably not available for this model/or some other reason?

  • Mrc665

    So glad I have an iphone

  • Welcome,Thanks.

  • wow !

  • Alickzz+soundcloud

    Working well on my iPhone.

  • Michael Law

    Are you going to do a BlackBerry version?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve uploaded several Tracks to SoundCloud… I love it.   Some Tracks are downloadable!
    And the BlackBerry version will be here tomorrow, right!

  • Me gusta

  • Giodinapoli

    E fantastico ascolta la musica dei tuoi idoli !!!