Edinburgh Fringe Festival Round Up!

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Round Up!

We came to Ed Fringe, we saw and we conquered! It was a brief visit up to Scotland but an enjoyable one. Having made the Sounds of Fringe map (below) we decided to go up to Edinburgh to do some recordings ourselves, introduce the map and our mobile apps, meet the comedians and performers, oh and see some shows. Here’s a quick round up!

Day One

Our first day in rainy ‘Burgh entailed visting as many venues as possible and recording – whether that be an interview with an owner, worker, performer or even just the sounds from inside the venue. Thanks goes out to all interviees and to our Sound Ambassadors who are helping to finish off the job over the following weeks! Take a look at the map now, in all it’s glory.

Day Two

Aside from an early morning rise to be interviewed for BBC Radio Scotland about the Sounds of Fringe map we also spent the day tying up some loose ends with venues, saw some press shows and then headed straight down to the Royal Mile where all the performers, comics etc hang out during the day and promote/flyer. We interviewed as many people as possible, getting them to pitch their show which lead to some very interesting recordings. Take a listen to some of them below and see a picture of SoundCloud’s own David Adams recording them with our fancy SoundCloud mic!

If you want to listen to more pitches, venue interviews and all other kinds of content, take a listen to the Edinburgh Fringe Group.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011

Day Three

On day three, amongst the heavy rainfall we had a meet up at a local bar called the Pear Tree. It was a nice turn out considering the weather, and we caught up with some of our sound ambassadors such as Alex Dfrnt and Nikki Farquhar. Comedian Stu Goldsmith also passed by. He’s been reviewing all the shows he has attended using the iPhone app – they’re called 60 Second Reviews, take a listen to the latest one:

Fringe #60secReview “Gents of Leisure” at JTT Caves by Stu Goldsmith

And finally using Thinglink, here’s a quick picture of the team at Fringe, hover over the image and you can see a piece of audio each SoundClouder has lovingly created.

We ate haggis, deep fried Mars bars, laughed a lot, saw some great shows and some very strange ones and got rained on! Fringe is awesome! There’s another 3 weeks left, we’ll be posting any great content we find over the next weeks. Look out on Tumblr on Thursday for the latest SoundCloud voices which will be focussing on the latest comedy content! And if you are currently in Edinburgh and want to get involved in the Sounds of Fringe map, simply record, put #fringe in the title and set your location. Done!

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