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SoundCloud SoundCloud Voices

SoundCloud Voices is a new weekly Community feature focusing on new spoken word creators found on SoundCloud.  It might be a podcast, radio show, audio book, interview, audio messages, a poem, anything!  Keep an eye out every Thursday for a new post.

Old Video Games at the Manitou Arcade
Old Video Games at the Manitou Arcade / Kari Sullivan / CC BY 2.0

SoundCloud voices this week takes a look at the wonderful world of video games.  We have some passionate video gamers in the SoundCloud community, here is a selection of some podcasting their views and news.

The Multiplayer Podcast by Pixel Bits is where we begin.  These guys love their games and aim to give you the finest in news, reviews and media about multimedia gaming.  Take a listen to their latest episode where they talk about the forthcoming penny arcade expo in Seattle.

Multiplayer Episode 12: The Road to PAX by Multiplayer Podcast

Next up – 8 Bit Banter! Hosted by James Brock and Freddie Malcomb, these two look to bring their own spin on the game industry with a heavy does of their own opinions. Latest episode focusses on the console wars!

8-Bit Banter: Console Wars by 8 Bit Banter

And finally – Mash Those Buttons podcast, a podcast from the Mash Those Buttons video game review site. Take a listen to the latest show covering Mortal Combat and Marvel vs Capcom.

Versus Series #3: MvC3 vs. Mortal Kombat by Mash Those Buttons

If you are interested in trying out SoundCloud as a spoken word podcast platform we are currently running a beta program which you can sign up for via this form. Successful candidates will be emailed with further details.

David Community Fellowship: The NYC Nomad by Ed Casabian

Please join us and welcome our fifth Community Fellow Ed Casabian in this guest post and learn about his Fellowship project and the ways you can get involved.

Who am I?

My name is Ed Casabian, and I’m excited to be a SoundCloud Community Fellow. For the past 15 months I have been the NYC Nomad, which is a project / social experiment in which I live in a different neighborhood, with different people, every week. So far I’ve stayed in 41 neighborhoods in New York City across the five boroughs. I like to give my hosts a chance to use me as an excuse to visit new places in their own neighborhood, and share what it is that they love about the city with me. I’ve always loved traveling, but its been a very unique experience to travel in my own city.

I’ve gained a variety of perspectives during my project both through the people I meet and the places I stay. I’ve stayed with people ranging from the age of 11 months to 80 years old and my commute has included every subway line (there are 22), the bus, a boat, my foldable bike, and walking. I think New York City is a place best seen by many different perspectives, and these perspectives are a lot of what I’ve been searching for throughout my experience.

My Fellowship:

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about my project is all the different people I meet. In fact, I found out about SoundCloud through someone I stayed with during my third week of this project.

For my fellowship, each week I will search for and interview the most interesting person in the neighborhood I’m living in. Here is a recording I captured with 94 year old Bernie in my most recent neighborhood of Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan. He’s lived there since 1949.

An Interview with 94 Year Old Bernie in Stuy Town by thenycnomad

Get Involved!

Even if I am nomadic and moving every week, there is no way I can capture all of the unique stories cities have to offer. So please contribute with an interview using the record feature of the SoundCloud apps for iPhone or Android. It can be the owner of a local business, a friend, or someone who you’ve always wanted to talk to but never had a reason to. And it doesn’t have to be in New York City. I think New Yorkers are some of the most interesting people in the world, but there are stories across the United States and the rest of the world waiting to be told.

To contribute, you can check my Tumblr blog for more information or easily submit to the SoundCloud group City Stories. Please follow me on Twitter @thenycnomad (also look for hashtag #citystories) and like my Facebook page.

Thanks, and I hope to see you in your neighborhood! Oh and check out Betabeat who just published a story about my Fellowship.

Meet the other Fellows:

Alex Stiver and United Sounds

Evan Tenenbaum: Organic City Sounds

Katie Needs and Sounds Of My City

Eduardo Lipe and the Without Walls Project

David Fun Friday : Meet Amélie Anglade

This week we want to introduce you to Amélie Anglade! Listen to here audio interview below and continue down the blog if you would like to learn more! Don’t forget to say “Hi” in the comments. (Photo by: Thomas Bonte)

Fun Friday: Meet Amélie Anglade by SoundCloud Community Team

Hej Amélie! Wie gehts?
Hello Natalie! Hold on, I’ve just started learning German earlier this month, but you’re lucky my German teacher did cover this one this week: mir geht es gut!

First, welcome to the SoundCloud team in Berlin! Can you tell us what your role entails and what you enjoy most about it so far?


Thanks! I am part of the newly created Music Information Retrieval (MIR) team. Our role is to build tools to automatically analyse the audio content of the files (music but also non-music) that are uploaded to SoundCloud, and then automatically classify, tag and characterize them. No humans involved, the machines are doing the listening if you want. So in a sense we are “the magicians in the background” teaching the machine how to do that. No I’m just kidding, there is nothing magical about what we do, it is just a mix of Digital Signal Processing and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence. I love it because even though I have been working on designing and developing such techniques for the past 5 years mostly in academia, it’s a whole new challenge for me to make them scale up to the size of the large SoundCloud database but also to the large variety of sounds we host.

Where are you from originally and how was relocation for you?

I am French but because I have lived in 6 countries (France, Sweden, Netherlands, UK, Spain and now Germany) in the past 6 years I don’t have a clear answer when asked where I come from. I guess because these countries incidentally are all European, Europe is probably the best answer. Relocation has been super easy, mainly thanks to awesome people at SoundCloud (Miqua and Erik) that helped me with pretty much everything, sending me links to websites where to find flats, telling me all about the administrative things to do, etc. Within 2 weeks I was a perfect German resident with a fantastic flat in my favorite neighbourhood of Berlin.

What are your favorite things to do in Berlin so far and what do you like about the city?

I am still in discovery mode, there are tons of places I still need and want to visit. I’ve instantaneously fallen in love with Prenzlauer Berg, the neighbourhood where I live so I have been exploring it in detail. My favorite activities are wandering around the markets (such as Kollwitzplatz farmers market and Mauerpark flea market) and chilling out in cafes. I am very excited to be living again in a big city with lots of concerts to go to as well (and I have been eagerly checking my Songkickconcert tracker). I had been missing that from my life in London. So one of the first things I did was to book tickets to go see Placebo when they were playing in Berlin earlier this month.

How were you introduced to SoundCloud?

Contrary to most people I did not discover SoundCloud while looking for some sounds or music. My first encounter with SoundCloud was a purely technical one if I can say it like that. I was introduced to SoundCloud and some of the SoundCloud developers at the very first Music Hack Day in London in July 2009. As it was taking place not very far away from our lab, some of my colleagues from the Centre for Digital Musicat Queen Mary, University of London and I registered out of curiosity. I had so much fun and I loved so much the whole idea of programming music apps with fellow music and computer geeks over a week-end that I am now addicted to Music Hack Days and have already attended 5 of them. And that’s probably something I share with a lot of the people at SoundCloud, as you can always see so many of them at such events.

What do you like most about being a part of the SoundCloud team?

The SoundCloud team is just brilliant! Everyone seems to be so talented and very professional and in the same time very open to new ideas, constantly questioning current approaches and eventually learning and designing new ones. Furthermore it’s amazing to see how the rest of the SoundCloud team is enthusiastic about what our MIR team is about. We keep getting super useful and interesting questions, feedback, suggestions, and audio examples to test our algorithms from all other teams, that’s awesome!

What are your favorite sounds you have found while scouring SoundCloud?

I am very fond of the weekly audio recapsyou and Ed (NED) put together. And I am not saying that to be nice, it’s the best and quickest way to keep track of all the stuff you guys in the community team dig out of SoundCloud. Plus you sound so awkward, I love it!Otherwise my favorite artist of all times, Emilie Simon, a French electro-pop singer is on SoundCloud:

Latest tracks by EmilieSimonMusic

I wish she was posting more stuff there though. Her SoundCloud page only contains recent things relative to her last album that is in a completely new style. Personally I am a huge fan of her debuts so basically her 3 first albums including the soundtrack she made for the movie “La Marche de l’Empereur” (the original version of “March of the Penguins”).

My favorite band this time, Sigur Rós, does a more extensive use of SoundCloud, posting all sorts of bonus tracks, lives and even manipulations of their tracks:

Latest tracks by sigur rós

Finally, do you have any fun facts that we should know about?

Well I have a couple of anecdotes for you. Some years ago (when I was still an undergrad student) I was doing an internship at Sony in Paris. One day as I arrived at the office early in the morning (around 10a.m.) one guy in the corridor stopped me and started talking to me in English: “Hello, I’m Peter”. The trouble is at that time I was far from being fluent in English so I just politely reply “Hello, I’m Amélie” trying to not engage in conversation even though the guy looked very friendly. Additionally I was not sure why he was there and was thinking that as an intern it was probably none of my business. A few hours later I learned from my colleagues that it was Peter Gabriel! 0_o

I also have a passion for Antarctica (yes the continent). My online nickname (utstikkar) comes from that (look at a map of Antarctica, you’ll find it). I think maybe one day I’ll find the courage to take a year off and go there to work with scientists during the long austral winter (I’m sure they need computer scientists there!).

Thank you Amélie for the great interview! Where can we find you on the interwebz?

My Twitter: @utstikkar
My SoundCloud page:
And in general my page: