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David Community Fellowship: Organic City Sounds by Evan Tenenbaum

After posting an update from our other Fellows, today we’re also thrilled to be welcoming a fifth Community Fellow to the program. Everybody, please say Hi to Evan Tenenbaum from Portland, Oregon.

Who am I?

My name is Evan Tenenbaum, and I love sound.

I am very proud to be a SoundCloud Community Fellow, and I’m quite excited to share my passion for audio with the world. I recently graduated from a small liberal arts college here in Portland, Oregon. Since then I’ve been ‘following my bliss’ (as a recent interviewee so aptly put it), and I think I’ve found that bliss here amongst these other amazing projects.

For the past year, I’ve been working at a community radio station in Portland, as well as producing freelance pieces for various radio organizations.

I was raised with a love of radio, and have always been drawn to telling stories in sound. I feel most fulfilled when I manage to capture a sliver of the human experience in audio.

I crave those moments of listening that cause your neck-hair to stand up on end.

About my Project:

Through Organic City Sounds, I hope to portray an honest and colorful portrait of this city I call home. With a city motto of “Keep Portland Weird!”, our town is full of great characters and stories.

Every week I’ll bring you an audio portrait of Portland. It may be a personal story, a collection of interviews on a subject, or a piece of sound art. You can expect to hear an eclectic collection of voices, sounds, and stories throughout my project. Some may intrigue you, others may repulse you, but hopefully they will all give you a sense of my little corner of the world.

Get involved!

Is your city weird too? Probably! I’d love to hear other portraits from around the world. Whether it’s a great story, a colorful person, or a growing trend, if you have an audio portrait you’d like featured on the site, just shoot me an email, or upload some audio straight to my DropBox! Also, be sure to follow my on twitter @PDXCitySounds.

You can check out my first Portland Portrait here. Thanks to this man, as of today I’ve quit my day job to follow my dreams:

Portland Portrait #1 by Organic City Sounds

And here are some Raw Sounds from Portland:

First Portland Portrait: Dreaming in the City of Roses

Second Portland Portrait: Food Cart Culture

Meet the other Fellows:

Alex Stiver and United Sounds

Katie Needs and Sounds Of My City

Eduardo Lipe and the Without Walls Project

David Fun Friday : Meet Eliot Conaway

This week please help me welcome Eliot Conaway to the SoundCloud team in Berlin! Listen to his mini audio interview and read the rest below!

Fun Friday: Meet Eliot Conaway by SoundCloud Community Team

Hey Eliot! Wassup!

Huhu Natalie! SoundCloud Fun Friday is wassup.

You have lived in Germany for a long time, how do you like Berlin and where are you originally from?

I am originally from Columbus, Ohio, USA. I have indeed been in Germany for a long time. It’s starting to show. I moved to Bonn about 10 years ago to study at the university, and like a bad party guest, I refused to go home. I have been a Berliner for three years now. I think it’s Europe’s worst kept secret about how nice this place is. It’s a fantastic city– really laid back, something on offer for

Can you tell us what your your role at SoundCloud is? Also, how do you like working in the Berlin HQ ?

Working at SoundCloud is a treat. My job is probably the best. I am the University and Events Specialist. This means I am getting in touch with fine institutions around the world, helping them get to know SoundCloud and making sure we always have talented peeps who want to come and work with us. The Events Specialist hat has me trying to stay on top the insane number of events that are happening, getting SoundCloud to the right ones, and of course, making a bang when we get there.

Working at SoundCloud HQ, you’ll be surprised to learn, is fantastic. The office is open, full of ideas and energy. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a rooftop terrace.

How did you get introduced to SoundCloud and what do you love most about it?

Like any monumental event, I remember exactly where I was when I learned about this SoundCloud. I was at OYE records a couple years ago for an in-store appearance by my musical hero Siriusmo (we’ll get to him in a minute) and I met all-around good dude Skate from the WMF Club (come back soon!) and asked where he goes to hear new stuff. He said SoundCloud. New music, found sounds, field recordings, audio love at first click. And that was that.

What are your favorite Sounds on the cloud?

OK. So I gotta bigup Siriusmo. A Berlin studio genie. I’ll leave it at that he’s awesome at what he does and let the widgets say the rest:

Latest tracks by Siriusmo

Mosaik is his excellent debut EP:

A double compilation CD called Pearls and Embarresments for everyone that wants to catch up on his last ten years:

Can you give us a few reasons why it is kick ass to work at SoundCloud?
There are so many reasons why working at SoundCloud kicks ass. As part of my job on the Peopleops team, I get to work with just about everybody in the company in some capacity: from all people on the engineering and technical teams, who definitely kick ass, to our Community, Product and Marketing teams, all of which do a lot of ass kicking good things. Most of all, it’s a great mix of talented people from all over the planet. We have the chemistry of a championship sports team in the office. Lots of high-fives and champagne. I look forward to coming to work every day. I dislike weekends and public holidays.
Finally, do you have any fun facts about yourself that you would like to share?

Fun facts? I am a geography enthusiast. I memorize state and world capitals, etc. I have also crashed weddings in five different countries. I suppose only one of those facts is actually fun.

You can find me on the interweb:

Twitter: eliotconaway

Thank you Eliot!

SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Chicago

Photo taken by Nimesh M, found on Flickr

This week, we’re taking a look at a city otherwise known as the Windy City, i.e. Chicago! The abundance of talented SoundCloud users in this city is overwhelming (don’t forget SoundClouder of the Day alumni based in Chicago: Greg Gibbs, Candle Nine & Darius Greene), check out five more below.

H.u.e. is an interdisciplinary artist who is rooted in hip hop culture. He utilizes four disciplines to create compositions with a unified aesthetic, i.e. musical art, improvisational performance art, visual art, and written art. He has some amazing spoken word tracks as well, like “Musings on a rain filled morning”.

M∃N†∀L˥Ÿ ЯeS†∀R†∃D
Crazy name, huh? Mentally Restarted is also known as Future Jared. The project is based in Chicago and produces electronic tracks, some are full of beats that’ll get your body moving and some will make you just want to lean back and relax! Hear it for yourself in the green widget.

Brian Kim
Brian Kim is a lover of composing music. On his own, he creates tracks of different genres, from dramatic filmscores to smooth jazz — all with a hint of romance! He is also in a metal band called Sacred Dawn and plays the keyboards. You can hear his solo stuff in the player below!

Module Module
Module Module is Alex Himpelmann and a sound designer located northwest of Chicago. He’s worked with sound synthesis for over ten years. Now, he’s producing electronic music that’s a blend of synthesis and foley recordings. Interested to know what that sounds like? There are some tracks below!

RTA Inc.
Recording in his closet and commonly known as Agility or Plan B, Gabe Caruso is uploading some awesome beats to the ‘Cloud. Some of these tracks are collaborations as well, and he’s down for more! Go on and check out some of his rhymes and collabs in the player below.

Wanna hear more? Check out

Since there are so many great users in Chicago, we’ve created a group and hope you’ll join/submit tracks if you’re based there.

And like always, we encourage everyone to check out to see if a SoundCloud meetup is coming your way and feel free to start your own if not! Take a look at our SoundCloud Local features to see if your area has been spotlighted!