The Meaning of Sound, According to You – SoundCloud Global Meetup Day

The Meaning of Sound, According to You – SoundCloud Global Meetup Day

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Global Meetup Day – October 5 2011

‘The Meaning of Sound, According to You’

Every day we encounter sounds that affect us in many different ways. We use sound to communicate, to connect with people all over the globe, to process information, to express ourselves. We create sounds for the same reasons, sometimes explicitly, sometimes implicitly.

Sounds can remind us of the past, of people we’ve met, they help us to connect and relate, they can define how we’re feeling and can make us want to get up and dance or just lay in bed all day. Sounds have a meaning.

Gear up, start organizing today! On October 5th connect, meet and create for SoundCloud’s Global Meetup Day and let the world know what sound means to you. How does it fit into your life? What makes you remember a sound, what kind of ideas does it spark, how does it inspire you? Express the meaning of sound through a song, spoken word or simply the sounds of the world around you.

From Sydney to San Francisco and from Tokyo to Rio, we’re calling all SoundClouders and enthusiasts to join us for a global get-together. Get creative with like-minded users in your city to record songs, thoughts, ambiance, whatever it is that lets you express what sound means to you! Let’s show the world the true volume of sound and shout it from the rooftops of the SoundCloud Community!

How to organize?

1) First check whether there’s already a meetup scheduled close to you. If there isn’t, you can easily create one, check this step-by-step guide to learn how to set up your meetup
2) Find a venue, you’ll want somewhere that enables you to communicate and collaborate to create sounds together. This can be a studio, office, your living room, a bar, it’s your choice! Just make sure there’s access to the web so you can create and share from there.
3) Promote your meetup on Facebook and Twitter and invite your friends to join. We can help you promote your meetup through our channels and every registered meetup will get some meetup swag for their event.

How to participate?

1) Find an event going on in your city by searching our page and click “Count me in”
2) Help spread the word, tell your friends about it on Facebook, tweet about it, do whatever you can!
3) Get inspired and join other SoundClouders in expressing what sound means to you and create something cool this October 5th: express it via song, interview friends and collect opinions, share sounds that mean something to you…whatever you do, it’s going to be cool!

Ideas for your meetup

  • Get together with other creators to write, produce and record a song that reflects what sound means to you.
  • Use the Record feature on iPhone and Android to ask people around you what sound means to them.
  • Who knows, maybe the song you create even make for the perfect soundtrack for the recordings of these thoughts/opinions?
  • Does sound for SoundClouders in Detroit mean Motown, in London does it mean the cockney accent, in Paris is it all about the joie de vivre? Gauge what sound means to your city and capture it.

Things to remember

  • Size doesn’t matter. Anything works! Having a great time is what you’re looking for. Don’t feel the pressure to arrange something grand if you don’t think you have the experience and if it’s your first time. A small meetup with 2-5 people is perfectly fine, we’ve seen a group of six people meet at somebody’s house to create an entirely new song during that night.
  • Keep things simple! If this is your first time, don’t feel obligated to organize anything sophisticated or too elaborate. The key is to get SoundClouders together and who knows, maybe you’ll come up with great ideas for how to create something together next time.
  • We want to hear what sound means to you! Share the sounds from your meetup by dropping them into our Global Meetup Day group.
  • Let us know! Contact us at any time about anything meetup related. If you need help, have questions, comments or feedback let us know.
So, set a reminder in your calendar for October 5th and get talking, we can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to show us. Ourselves, we’ll be hosting a meetup in Berlin, London and San Francisco. We’ll let you know what cool things are going on at meetups around the world on Twitter and Facebook, so keep a look out so you can join in!

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