Back To School: Introducing SoundCloud 101

Back To School: Introducing SoundCloud 101

Be inspired

This week we are welcoming you back to school with SoundCloud 101, our resource pages where we give you some tips and tricks on the important features of SoundCloud and take you through the step by step processes of how to get the most out of them. We also showcase interesting use cases we’ve seen SoundClouders come up with in the past . This can be a particularly creative way they’ve used one of the SoundCloud features or something completely new we hadn’t thought of before.

Dive into the SoundCloud 101’s to find an easily navigable categorized resource for inspiration and guidance.

Here is the breakdown:

Here’s how you can get involved: SoundCloud 101’s are not only a great resource for SoundClouders to learn how to use our product in interesting ways, it is also a place for you to share with us your SoundCloud use case or story.

Have you done something particularly cool with SoundCloud and want a chance to be featured showing others how to do it? Then please send us a note to contact+stories[at]soundcloud[dot]com, and we’ll get in touch about how to put together a 101!

In the meantime get inspired in the SoundCloud 101 section now and as always, let us know what you think in the comments. You know we love getting your feedback.

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