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Edward Gearing up for SoundCloud Global Meetup Day


Let’s use sound to bring us together. We see it connect people at weekends as they swarm to clubs to dance to their favorite songs, comedians use it to bring laughter to groups of people, Universities use it to teach and educate. The way we use sound is different for everyone, what does it mean to you?

SoundCloud Global Meetup Day is calling cities around the world to get together and let us know ‘The Meaning of Sound, According to You’. We want to tell you a little bit about what’s going to be happening:

San Francisco

San Francisco is full of all sorts of artists, techies, musicians and audiophiles who interact with sound every day, sharing, reshaping, listening, connecting and working with it in exciting new ways. Sound must mean something different to every single one of them and we want to capture that. At this meetup there’ll be installations showcasing how various people use SoundCloud and what it means to them.

We’ll be at The Summit Cafe, 780 Valencia from 7-10PM. Find out more on Facebook and

pre sfscmeetup by visda

London – ‘One day, One sound, One cloud’

UK electronic artist Benji Boko will create one piece of music, in one day using one sound from each person from all around the world, submitted via SoundCloud. Benji will receive these sounds, working live whilst in-the-mix to craft a totally bespoke piece of original music. Contribute by sending sounds via a dedicated tab on his Facebook page.

“I’m looking for anything organic, rhythmic or ambient. This means nothing produced by machines. I want people stomping, clapping, hitting, slapping, walking, laughing, beatboxing, shouting and so on. Same goes for instruments, anything that sounds old and retro. ukuleles, guitars, mellotrons, pianos and so on. Any additional ambiances of crowds, parties from other SoundCloud meetups!”

Come down to the London meetup where Benji will be recording sounds for the track at the event. All this will take place at London’s prestigious Strongroom Studios with the Meetup starting at Strongroom bar from 6.30pm onwards. Let us know if you’re attending on Facebook or

University of Virginia

The University of Virginia will be showing us why sound is so important for education. University Lecturer Ryan Millerr is gathering his students to discuss and create, as well as performing a rendition of their University song, ‘Alma Mater‘. This will be a great way to engage students in their studies and discover passions for sound. If you’re a student of the University of Virginia, kick off your University year and join the meetup here!

UVA Soundcloud meet-up by rymillr

Windsor, Canada

Photo by Patricia Drury

Citizens of Windsor, Canada, are taking sound and turning it to 11. On Global Meetup Day they will be visiting Ambassador Bridge, the busiest International boarder crossing in North America and recording how loud that sound is. Then in the evening they will be trying to take things louder, by going to a Napalm Death concert and comparing the two. The meaning of sound in Windsor must be how loud can it go! Find out how to get involved on Windsor Meet-up! at Windsor, Ontario by dB (deadBatteries)

Dublin, Ireland

The Meetup in Dublin is all about sharing and networking! Meeting up with other users can be an amazing way to spark new ideas and sounds, by attending this meetup you could learn a whole new side to using SoundCloud. Dublin will be hosting talks about how to effectively integrate SoundCloud with an online strategy, Q&A and performances from SoundCloud users this is a really great opportunity to develop how you use sound. Find out more on how to get involved on Facebook, and for those who can’t attend the Meetup, you can stream the event live on the internet

SoundCloud Meetup in Dublin – Oct 5th 2011 by annie@limebase

New York, USA – ‘Sound of the slice’

In New York we’ll be slipping slightly off topic and will be asking the controversial question – what’s the best pizza in New York? Community Fellows Ed Casabian (the NYC Nomad), Eduardo Lipe (Without Walls Project) and Dave Haynes from the SoundCloud London team, will be asking fellow New Yorkers to embark on an audio hunt for the best pizza slice in Lower Manhattan. Does John’s Pizzeria get your tongue salivating? Does the original Ray’s really hit the spot? Or does Lombardi’s just trump them all? Get involved by heading down to your favorite pizzeria and record the sounds that make YOUR pizza joint the best.

This pizza scavenger hunt will start in lower Manhattan at the John’s Pizza at 12pm and we’ll see where the day (and our fellow New Yorkers opinions) take us! Be one of those New Yorkers and get involved here.

Global Meetup Day Announcement by steadyeddie

Take inspiration from these cities and put your cities voice on the map. SoundCloud wants to hear what sound means to you, be it in a song, in form of opinion, however you interpret it, let us know. Get in touch with us and let us know what your city will be doing. We want to hear what goes on this Global Meetup Day, so we’d love to gather all these sounds for the world to hear, drop them into this group so we can shout them out for all to hear.

How to get involved:
– Find or set up a Meetup in your city
Tell us about it
Send us your sounds from the meetup

David Overheard By SoundCloud: Dan Patterson

Every so often we stumble upon SoundClouders who are creating interesting ways to engage with other members of the Community . Overheard by SoundCloud is a new blog series for which we’ll ask these SoundClouders a couple of questions and hope that their answers will inspire others as well. Today’s interview is with NYC-based journalist and reporter Dan Patterson.

Hey Dan, thanks for taking the time to answer a couple of questions for Overheard. First, please tell us how you first heard about SoundCloud and what made you join in the first place?

I discovered SoundCloud while on a hunt for an audio CDN. As a long-time radio producer and podcaster since 2004, over the years I’ve accumulated a ton of audio content and long have had a need for a ‘YouTube for sound’ solution. It would appear that SoundCloud could be the answer.

Sound can be so personal, powerful and meaningful. Why do you think sound is still relatively underrepresented compared to video, text and photos on the web?

Audio is under-represented on the social web because it’s a more intimate and less glamorous medium. Because sound requires – inherently – an invocation of the imagination audio media is incredibly personal. Video, while more immediate, marginalizes and dismisses the power of the mind’s eye. Creating an audio story is incredibly difficult but leverages creativity in ways video simply cannot. Because of these unique properties, audio can – and will always – remain a powerful method of communication.

From a technical standpoint, audio has many advantages: Audio has a low consumption footprint thus increasing the volume of audio I can consume. Audio allows one to multi-task with audio (eg, a parent can consume news and concurrently drive the kids to school, I clean my tiny Brooklyn studio while mentally arguing with pundits on TWiT, etc). Audio is easier on my bandwidth bill, and audio is easier and lower in cost to produce than video. The list goes on.

You’re sharing TONS of amazing audio content on your SoundCloud. What are your personal top three recordings you made and what’s the story behind it?

This is a difficult question to answer as I have no singular favorite. I love conducting interviews with politicians and tech thought leaders, so many of my UN and presidential campaign interviews were very interesting to conduct.

In 2008, while working for a smaller news organization on a trip to Darfur, I worked with a group of broadcast journalists to report on the humanitarian crisis. We traveled from Juba north deep in to South Sudan and the Darfur border. One stop included meeting with a group of recently-freed South Sudanese slaves. We conducted a number of interviews and reported live back to the States via satellite phones. That audio, while not “fun” to produce, is still quite striking.

Report: Purchasing Slaves in South Sudan – 03.16.2008 by danpatterson

Personally, any of the Creepy Sleepy pod prods are close to my heart. These were produced from 2004 – 2006 with a gang of friends in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. We had no money and the social web was in it’s infancy, so we had a small audience. But we did have some beat-up old gear and tons of ideas. We didn’t hit the funny bone on every attempt, but when we did the content was tops and still remains funny and poignant (though completely NSFW).

Creepy Sleepy – Payola Underwriting Grant by danpatterson

Why should journalists and news organizations consider using sound more?

Sound allows a reporter to capture not just the technical details of an event, but also the mood, vibe, and peripheral environment of an event. These components – while seemingly only of aesthetic value – help the audience contextualize the news.

How long until the zombie apocalypse? What’s your list of top suggestions for us to get prepared?

The zombie apocalypse is inevitable. Tactical preparation, while essential, is secondary to the human need to unify against a common enemy. In politics and the inevitable zombie apocalypse, the human race will succeed only with unification.

You heard it here first, SoundClouder! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Dan!

Follow Dan on SoundCloud, Twitter and Tumblr.

Edward Found Sounds: Sizzling Sounds

Found Sounds is a SoundCloud community series focusing on some of the most weird and wonderful sounds that can be found on SoundCloud. Count on new installments with some of our favorite sounds each Tuesday!

Food plays on every one of our senses, before tasting a great meal you’ll get wafts of it that entice you in, but you know things are cooking when you hear those pans clanking and ingredients sizzling! Every morning these sounds wake me up, whether it be the sizzling of bacon in a pan, the sound of museli hitting the bowl or milk splashing in to my coffee. The sounds of cooking can be as appetizing as the smells. I took a look on the cloud to see what would make my stomach rumble…..

Lets start with Breakfast. You wake up in the morning, head to the kitchen and switch on that coffee machine to wake you up.

2011.07.12 – Sound of a coffee maker by 365DaysOfSound

Photo by Jason Cartwright

This user is creating a sound diary and sharing a sound with us for every day of the year. Take a listen to 365 days of sounds monthly Sets to get an insight in to their cooking habits; coffee in the morning, making sure they have their 5-a-day and a little look in to where they do their shop!


What goes best with a morning cup of coffee….for me it’s a good bacon and egg sandwich! SoundClouder Coonie Doggie Dog has captured the sizzling goodness right here.

Cooking good ol Bacon and Eggs by Coonie Doggie Dog

For the more challenged in the kitchen cooking may mean microwave zapping! This sound of cooking may not play on our senses like others, but some times it’s just necessary! Oscar de Avila brings us that classic microwave ping!

MICROWAVE ON/OFF by Oscar de Ávila

And at the end of a good days cooking, we’ve got to clean down!

WASHING DISHES by Oscar de Ávila

That’s it for this week’s Found Sounds! I hope we haven’t left you too hungry. Tune in next week for more crazy sounds from the ‘Cloud.