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SoundCloud Create a sound that’s never been heard before

We’re challenging you to bust out your thinking caps and get experimental with…sound! So how would you capture the birth of an idea in the form of sound? Or the sound of falling in love? Or even better, the sound of a post-apocalyptic landscape?

We’ve teamed up with Vancouver Film School (VFS) to get the gears in your brain turning, your record buttons ready, and encourage all of you SoundClouders to capture a sound that’s never been heard before. We’re excited and so is VFS, check out a special recording from Shane Rees, VFS’s Head of Sound Design for Visual Media here:

The SoundClouders who are successful in capturing a sound that’s never been heard before will have a chance to win a full tuition scholarship to VFS’s Sound Design for Visual Media program. Cool deal, huh? Now, down to business:

Capture at least one of the below topics in the form of sound, in whichever way you like – and with as much creativity as you can:

• The colour red
• The birth of an idea
• An imaginary animal being born
• Falling in love
• A post-apocalyptic landscape

Enter on the contest page here for a chance to win a scholarship. When entering make sure to write (in the sound’s description) who you are, why sound is a passion for you, what equipment/software/techniques you used to create your submission and what makes you so sure this program is what you want to do. More details on the contest here.

Alright, sound good? Ready, set, go be the first to record a sound that’s never been heard!

David Fun Friday: Meet Peter Minarik

Today welcome Peter to the team in Berlin and first listen to his audio message below!

Hello World by pietropizzi

Hi Peter! Thank you for doing this interview with me and taking time out of your busy day. How are ya doing?

I am very fine, thank you.

How do you like Berlin and where are you originally from?

I moved to Berlin just a few months ago and I am really enjoying it. I was born in Slovakia and when I was five we moved to Austria. Since then I lived in Vienna. So lately I felt the urge to live in another city and Berlin came to mind immediately. It is just so vibrant and alive, changing every day. So far I love it.

Can you tell us what your your role at SoundCloud is? Also, how do you like working in the Berlin HQ ?

I am a Frontend Developer here at SoundCoud. Currently I’m working on our main site, fine-tuning and improving an already great experience for our users. The workspace is just amazing, the start-up feeling is everywhere and yet everything in the office just works (thanks to Miqua, Anne and Matthias), which is a dream combination.

How did you get introduced to SoundCloud and what do you love most about it?

I have to say that I don’t remember the exact time I came across SoundCloud for the first time but I immediately loved it. It was a no-nonsense Website that just works which you can’t say about some other sites. :) I can see the potential in it to be the YouTube of sounds and to inspire people to think more about audio and how to play around with it.

What are your favorite Sounds on the cloud?

Lately I’ve been into M83 a lot. Their newest album “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming” is out just now and the single “Midnight City” rocks in all kinds of remixes.
Midnight City Remixes EP by M83

During my semester abroad in Denmark I got to know this superb Band called “Carpark North”. They were very popular in their homeland but almost unknown outside. They are great!

Can you give us a few reasons why it is great working at SoundCloud?

What I like most is the feeling that everyone here just loves their job! And that is because people can just do what they are best at and have lots of freedom and responsibility here. Also working together in small task based teams works so smooth and natural.

Finally, do you have any fun facts about yourself that you would like to share?

Fun? No, fun is not part of my life in any way. Just kidding, but I’d rather give all of you a little riddle: What do you get when you order “A Eitrige mit am Bugl und a Sechszehnerblech” in Vienna? Austrians are not allowed to participate :)

Interesting! I still don’t know what you would get – I guess that is Austrian humor?! So, Peter where can we find you on the interwebz?

David SoundCloud for iPad

Our aim at SoundCloud is to provide you with a way to create and share sounds across platforms. In previous episodes, we brought you SoundCloud for iPhone, for Mac and for Android and your feedback for all three apps has been tremendous.

There’s one particular iOS app you all have been asking and patiently waiting for. Everyday, we read your tweets, comments and messages asking us when we’ll be releasing an official iPad app. They say that ‘good things happen to those who wait’ so today, we’re super excited to tell you to it has finally arrived: SoundCloud for iPad. It’s gorgeous.

The iPad is a revolutionary device that has changed the way we interact with content of all types. Our amazing iOS and design teams have created a fantastic app to reflect this, enabling you to interact with the sounds shared with you in a very intuitive way.

Aside from the iOS features you know by now, some of the highlights of the iPad app include:

  • More intuitive: Flowing screens to help navigate and discover sounds more easily along with simplified ‘stream’ and ‘activity’ tabs.
  • More waveform: More space to interact with the newly designed waveform allowing you to add comments directly to the waveform and see them scroll as a sound plays.
  • More social: Easier to ‘find & follow’ people and now record dedicated private messages to someone with a single tap.
  • More visual: Larger profile images throughout the app.

Watch the app in action in this video:

Introducing the SoundCloud iPad app from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

Download the brand-new iPad app in the iTunes Store for free.

No iPad? No problem! Download our iPhone and Android apps here.

Oh and since you are now able to record private audio messages, why not test it out by recording your birthday wishes for SoundCloud’s co-founder and CEO, Alex. It’s his birthday today!

As always, we love feedback so please let us know what you think of the app in the comments below.