Yesterday’s Outage

Yesterday’s Outage

From Tuesday 9pm CET until last night Wednesday 7pm CET, we’ve been defending against an unidentified denial-of-service attack.

After seeing the service stabilize for a few hours yesterday morning, unfortunately a second denial of service attack occurred around noon CET as the attackers adjusted to our preventive measures. This attack delayed full mitigation until we were able to implement more robust measures which are now in place. Around 7pm CET last night, our scalable defensive measures were in place and we were able to stabilize the service gradually. As of this morning, all services are fully back and operational.

We’d like to apologize to you for the inconveniences this outage may have caused you and would like to assure you that we’ll continue to work hard to prevent such an outage from happening in the future.

We also want to thank our Community for the supportive Tweets, comments and emails we’ve received during the outage. We’re humbled by the support you’ve shown us and your support is proof for that the SoundCloud Community is special.

You can find more details about the timeline of yesterday’s events on our Status blog.

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