Community Fellowship: United Sounds By Alex Stiver

Community Fellowship: United Sounds By Alex Stiver

Today three of our first Community Fellows (Eduardo, Katie and Alex) have wrapped up their projects with us and two of our fellows (Evan and Ed) have dropped in to update us on their progress! Each fellow took time to reflect on how they used sound to tell stories, learn about their cities and use sound in a different way, here is what Alex (United Sounds) had to say:

Almost 600 minutes of recordings, in 39 languages, sharing the message of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in audio from around the world. Now those are some sweet sounds. For the last three months, the United Sounds project has collected audio recordings of the 370+ translations of the UDHR. Through the power of connection, and the accessibility of the SoundCloud platform, United Sounds has elevated the text of the UDHR with sound and brought its message to life.

Sound Note #1: Welcome to the United_Sounds Project! by United_Sounds

Whether in the soft lilt of Armenian, the precise sounds of Icelandic, or the sing-songy tones of Filipino, United Sounds has used SoundCloud as a place not only to archive submissions, but also to foster discussion. United Sounds has provided a voice for human rights, and has also encouraged listening and facilitated learning:

  • In all 6 official languages of the United Nations (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish)
  • Across 6 continents
  • For over 10,300 SoundCloud Group members and 150+ Twitter followers and participants; men and women, high school students to retirees
  • With the help of big and small; whether international organizations, universities, heritage foundations, projects or inspired individuals

UN Declaration of Human Rights: English by katieneeds

The community is what gives United Sounds great traction, with many virtual tips of the hat to David and the Community Team! Thanks, too, to every participant, commenter, and spread-the-word-er who has moved the project along. An audio recap providing a snapshot of some of the participants behind the submissions is here:

(3 months in) United Sounds: stories, progress, updates and thank yous! by United_Sounds

You can find United Sounds and Alex on the interwebs:

Twitter – @unitedsounds

SoundCloudUnited Sounds Group