Community Fellowship: Without Walls By Eduardo Lipe

Community Fellowship: Without Walls By Eduardo Lipe

Today three of our first Community Fellows (Eduardo, Katie and Alex) have wrapped up their projects with us and two of our fellows (Evan and Ed) have dropped in to update us on their progress! Each fellow took time to reflect on how they used sound to tell stories, learn about their cities and use sound in a different way, here is what Eduardo (Without Walls) had to say:

The Without Walls Project was born out of my curiosity to study the public and environmental interactions with public art spaces. As an art history major in college I studied the details of art works, the processes behind making the art, and the history that manifests from an art work. Although there was an academic intent with the project I also wanted to create and work on a project that was fun and entertaining to conduct.

Along St. Catherine by withoutwalls
As I mentioned before, I plan on continuing the project. What I want to do is visit the boroughs and the more obscure neighborhoods in Manhattan. I also want to collect and receive sounds from other major cities such as Philadelphia and Boston. I would also love to create an international presence for the project and receive submissions from abroad.

HELLO!/New User Submissions on the site by withoutwalls

Over the past three months the featured maps gathered a collective 16k views, the tracks gained over 4k plays, and the site received over a thousand visits with growing loyal readership. The fellowship was a great experience and it’s success would not have been possible if it weren’t for David and the awesome Community team.

Find Without Walls and Eduardo on the Interwebs:

Twitter – @withoutwallspjt

SoundCloudWithout Walls

WebsiteWithout Walls

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