‘The Meaning of Sound, According to You’ – SoundCloud Global Meetup Day Review

‘The Meaning of Sound, According to You’ – SoundCloud Global Meetup Day Review

A week ago SoundClouders around the world were exploring ‘the meaning of sound’ according to them. We saw sixty cities worldwide creatively respond to this question, putting their own take on it and representing what sound means to their city.

What do you think sound means in London, New York, Paris? Well, thanks to the SoundCloud community we’ve got the answer!


The London community gathered their meanings of sound and expressed them through a crowdsourced track. UK producer and DJ Benji Boko asked the SoundCloud community to drop him a sound that meant something to them in to his dropbox, and then live on Global Meetup Day he produced a track out of these, one sound, one cloud in one day!

In Paris organizer Vincent Lévêque wanted to bring people together with sound. Parisian’s expressed their meaning of sound through musical performance.

SoundCloud Meetup Paris – Best Of from Vincent Lévêque on Vimeo.


SoundClouder’s of Dublin got together to discuss and share tips and tricks about sound. With artists and producers performing and talking about ‘the meaning of sound’. The night was hosted at Sing Sing, with performances from Teatronik and Urban Response.

San Francisco

SoundCloud Meetup SF by visda

Did you catch that? That was a composition of voices from the San Francisco meetup telling us what sounds mean to them. In San Francisco tech drove the evening, organizer Eamon Armstrong and his team brought together our SoundCloud crew (from our new SF office) with local SoundClouders to talk about and demonstrate how people can use SoundCloud and its mass of third party apps to create, share and connect sounds.


Things got a little loud in Windsor on October 5. Host to the busiest international boarding crossing in North America, Windsor, Canada, were also host to one of the loudest bands around, Napalm Death! Organizer Shane Lange got together a group of local SoundClouders to see who could go louder, the sound of traffic roaring between countries, or grindcore legends Napalm Death. Shane was also lucky enough to chat to the band and ask them, ‘what is the meaning of sound, according to Napalm Death?’

SoundCloud Global Meetup Day – Napalm Death Interview – Windsor, Ontario Canada by Factory Worker Music Co.

SoundCloud Global Meetup Day – Ambassador Bridge – Windsor, Ontario Canada by Factory Worker Music Co.

Mexico City

Mexico City held their second SoundCloud Global Meetup, fore-fronted by Blaq Records, bringing together the cities independent music scene to create, share and learn more about sound.

“these meetups have been a great excuse to come together and exchange ideas, projects and develope a nice comunity of independent musicians with likeminded styles of life”

Soundcloud global meetup sounds Mexico City! by blaqrecords


Here in Berlin we united our team with the local SoundCloud community. We got together at the SoundCloud HQ and had an evening of entertainment with comedy, music and pizza! Listen to David Noël head of our community team introducing our meetup and kicking them off all around the world…

SoundCloud Global Meetup Day – Berlin by ejcoombe

Rest of the world

New York – New Yorker’s took things a little off topic and went on a Pizza scavenger hunt, using sound to find the best pizza joint in Lower Manhattan!

John’s Pizzeria West Village by thenycnomad

Venezuela – This meetup was truly Global. SoundClouders in Venezuela and the Netherlands came together online to produce a track exclusively for Global Meetup Day.

Central Park Sunrise – Collaboration Oorlab & The Plugs #scmeetup by The Plugs

University of Virginia – Lecturer Ryan Miller used the Global Meetup Day to get his Freshman music students together and learn about sound, while at the same time meet the new class.

SoundCloud Meetup Day by rymillr

Whether it’s original music, a person’s voice and memories, or the sounds of the world around them, everyone at the meetup shared the sounds that mean a lot to them. It’s amazing to see and hear what happens when members of our community get together. As always, a huge shout out to everyone who took part in October’s Global Meetup Day!

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