SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Dallas

Photo taken by Ken Lund, found on Flickr

Yee-haw! This week, we’re zooming in on Dallas, USA, to see what kind of SoundClouders we can find there. Hear who we found below, you may be surprised!

Oneofus, also known as Rowby Mcfly, mainly uses his SoundCloud page to display his projects that are still works in progress. Even with that taken into consideration, the sounds on his page are impressive! Hear some of them below and as he says “stay tuned for further transmissions”.

This man from Texas is named Dewey Hocevar and he likes to play around with many instruments and genres. Technically speaking, he’s a composer and creative technologist, and likes to create music for film, ballets, dances and commissions. Hear his work in progress for orchestra, choirs and organ below.

jack catch
This guy’s full of strange, surreal, experimental, abstract noises. He’s created an album based on digital noise assembled from destroyed cut-ups of educational films and public service announcements. He also enjoys good cheeses. His tracks are very avant-garde and interesting to listen to, so check ’em out!

Brady Redding is a Texas country music singer/songwriter/producer/publisher & musician. Whew! That was a mouthful. He has 2 albums so far, one was produced in Texas and the other was produced in Nashville. If you were hoping for some good ol’ country music, here you go!

Woot! Now, let’s listen to some intense industrial electronic music. Lthrboots is a one-man band comprised of Jerry G. Jones. He does the vocals, keyboards and drums all on his own. He recently just released a new album called Domination. Hear some of it below in the black player.

Want more? Here you go!

And of course, if you’re based in Dallas, here’s a group you can contribute to :)

Last week was Global Meetup Day! Dallas, how was yours?

If you missed the big day, keep an eye on to see if a SoundCloud meetup is coming your way and feel free to start your own!

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  • I am honored to be on this list with the others. Congrats too all and thank you SoundCloud!

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    I’m listen your sound it’s amazing &
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