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David Fun Friday: Meet Yves Van Goethem

This week we want to introduce you to Yves! A French, German and English speaking awesome guy from Belgium – first listen to his audio “bonjour” below!

Bonjour from Yves at SoundCloud HQ by yvg

Hey Yves! How are ya doing???

I am great! Lots of exciting stuff going on at SoundCloud!

Where are you originally from and how was re-location for you?

I’m originally from Belgium, I grew up in a small city near the German and Dutch borders, but I always felt more attracted to France and therefore lived three and half years in Paris.

As both German and French are my native languages the re-location from Paris went well. I love to discover Berlin’s fascinating multi-cultural and artistic aspects, which of course includes a huge music scene. And I secretly wanted to work at SoundCloud!

Can you tell us what your your role at SoundCloud is? Also, how do you like working in the Berlin HQ ?

Working at the Berlin HQ is fantastic! Especially since we got a second office and this whole area (Mitte – Rosenthaler Straße) became an unofficial SoundCloud campus – whenever you go outside you will stumble across a SoundClouder!

Having the chance to work with the most brilliant people in our domain is really motivating, I’m happy to be a part of this team and to be able to learn and share every day!

My role at SoundCloud is to build a web experience for mobile devices – meaning, you can access our website from your Android or iPhone.

It is really challenging to build web experiences for such different devices with reduced connectivity, low resolutions, different browsers – I have so many “aaah moments” everyday, it feels great!

How did you get introduced to SoundCloud and what do you love most about it?

SoundCloud came to me through my friends, experimental apps and a range of different artists. I love the fact that you can easily connect with a bunch of sound creators, record and share with and for them, and listen to their latest tracks that are still in working progress. Every morning I’m impatient to hear what people created over night!

What are your favorite Sounds on the cloud?

I enjoy the work of Uniform Motion a lot:
Without You by Uniform Motion

Lately they posted tons of materials creating sets of “remix packs” for people to use, I really like how they use SoundCloud to it’s fullest :)

I Was Crushed by a Forty-Foot Man Remix Pack by Uniform Motion

Finally, do you have any fun facts about yourself that you would like to share?

I went to Hello Etsy and I learned to sew, I sewed my first own tote-bag! Check it out: – It’s incredible how much sewing and coding has in common, while coding permits to hack anything you can think of virtually, sewing permits to hack your own clothes and accessories, that’s pretty impressive.

Also, one of the most interesting things about Belgium is probably beer, I love beer and I plan to start brewing my own shortly!

Where can we find you on the interwebz?

Thanks Yves! Say “Hej” or “bonjour” to him below!

David Pro Tools + SoundCloud

Love Pro Tools? Love SoundCloud? Now using them together just got easier. Avid’s latest update to their cutting-edge audio production software includes sharing to SoundCloud – from creation to utilizing your online community, Pro Tools 10 has you covered.

Pro Tools 10


Pro Tools is one of the most popular audio production software choices for recording, composing, editing and mixing both music and sound used by leading music studios and Hollywood sound editors (e.g. Pro Tools was used in the making of movies such as Gladiator and Mission Impossible 2). The SoundCloud integration offers audio makers the freedom to collaborate and effortlessly share their works, whether it be a hit single, the soundtrack for a TV commercial or the sound effects for your favorite video game.

With SoundCloud baked into Pro Tools 10,  audio producers from all fields can share their sounds privately with collaborators for feedback or share polished works to the world. Throughout the creative process, Pro Tools and SoundCloud make audio production and promotion easier.

In addition to SoundCloud, other key features in the update include Clip Gain, multiple file formats supported within one session and higher resolution sound with more headroom. Find out about all the new features in Pro Tools 10 here.

“SoundCloud’s integration with Avid lets professionals collaborate and share the sounds they create more easily with colleagues and clients,” said Alexander Ljung, founder and CEO of SoundCloud. “As someone who has worked extensively with Pro Tools, it’s also a personal achievement to see SoundCloud integrated so well with the latest version of the leading audio production software.”

Hear more of Alex’s thoughts on Pro Tools 10 & SoundCloud:

SoundCloud and Avid are giving away a copy of Pro Tools 10 to an active member of the SoundCloud community who can let us know how SoundCloud sharing in Pro Tools will help improve your work flow.  Share your recorded explanation with .

SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Johannesburg

Photo taken by Mister-E, found on Flickr

We’re virtually heading down to the most populated city in South Africa, which sometimes goes by the name of Jozi, otherwise known as Johannesburg! You know the drill: check out the SoundClouders we found there :)

Tumi Mpye is a singer, songwriter and student, but first things first, she’s mostly a singer! Based out of Johannesburg, South Africa, she likes to sing acapellas and create other cool tracks. She’s down for sharing these tracks as free downloads as well, so head over to her page.

FEARtheFUZZ is Almega Motion’s experimental side. Almega Motion is actually a trio that was formed by three young, motivated and aspiring artists: Aavishkar Jugmohan, Ryan Sedeman and Cameron Last. They’ve been producing for over 5 years now so they’ve managed to develop a cool style. Check ’em out!

Reigndear is a 3 piece experimental psychedelic folk band. They were officially founded in Taiwan, January 2007, by South African brothers Kent Dylan & Wesley Jay along with their longtime friend, Johnny Atterbury. They like to say, “There are no rainy days, only perfect days to reign, dear.”

Edward Snare
Originally from Zimbabwe and a lover of all genres, Edward Snare started his music career in 2005, dabbling in composing hip hop instrumentals and writing lyrics. He’s still evolving, learning and improving on everything he does, so you can hear what he has so far below in the player.

Stuart Fury is a sound designer and producer of royalty free music for commercial use. It’s mostly game music, sounds, and modern cinematic trailer scores, but there’s lots more there too. He produces music solely for listening pleasure, so go on and be pleased by checking out his stuff.

Itching for more? Here you go!

When/if you’re based in Johannesburg, contribute to the group on SoundCloud here.

And keep an eye on to see if a SoundCloud meetup is coming your way and feel free to start your own!