Fun Friday : Meet Mattias Rampke

Fun Friday : Meet Mattias Rampke

This Friday please welcome new office Systems Administrator Mattias Rampke to the team in Berlin!

Hej Matthias! Wie gehts?

Wunderbar! Just moved into my first very own flat!

First, welcome to the SoundCloud team in Berlin! Can you tell us what your role entails and what you enjoy most about it so far?

I’m the Office Systems Administrator, that is, I’m here to build and fix all the computers in the office, configure printers and generally help with any technical problems. My job is to make sure everybody else can work on the awesomeness that is SoundCloud. I like making people happy – and now it’s my job. I love it!

Where are you from originally? I am sensing you are a native German, is this true? How do you like working in such an International office?

Yes, I am, I was born in Leipzig and grew up in Selb, a small town in north-eastern Franconia. Then I moved back to Leipzig and on to Berlin. I hope to stay here for a while though …

The mixture of people here is really cool – the internationality of Berlin condensed a hundred times. I sometimes accidentally mix things up and speak English even to native German speakers!

What are your favorite things to do in Berlin so far and what do you like about the city?

I love hanging out in cafés, alone or with friends, for hours and hours. Sometimes, someone you know happens to come along, or you just sit and watch people while surfing the net. Never boring! What I like most about Berlin is that, no one cares what you wear or what you do – you are never the craziest person around. It is said that you can meet Friedrich den Großen walking around in Wedding – and people salute him!

How were you introduced to SoundCloud?

I can’t really remember when I first encountered SoundCloud – those waveforms just gradually became part of “the web.” I got an account to comment on someone’s instead-of-a-blogpost. And then Johannes pointed me at this job description …

What do you like most about being a part of the SoundCloud team? 

What I like most is that everyone is obviously enjoying what they do – even on monday mornings you’ll see no sour faces. Also, it’s just really cool to be able to just point at the site and say: This is where I work. And being kept well caffeinated is just great :)

What are your favorite sounds you have found while scouring SoundCloud? 

I really like the strange noisy stuff of Wolfseule – certainly not for every day, but sometimes this is just right. And I like Sigur Rós a lot, especially how they use SoundCloud as kind of a “backstage” channel.

Finally, do you have any fun facts that we should know about?

I’m studying astrophysics and I am a huge nerd for UNIX-ish operating systems. So if you want to nerdsnipe me into long monologues you know what to mention ;)

Where can we find you on the interwebz?

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