Jami SoundCloud Local: Kansas City

Kansas City, by Maureen Lunn
Picture taken by Maureen Lunn, found on Flickr.

This week’s SoundCloud local is taking a closer look at Kansas City, located in the American Midwest.  Let’s see what sounds are emitting from the City of Fountains…

Margo May 

 Margo May makes dreamy, reverb-drenched pop.  Delicate soft melodies and acoustic guitars, accompanied by waves of noise and static.  With an entire album uploaded to the ‘Cloud, for your pleasure:


Joshua Link

Joshua Link is a composer from St. Louis currently studying in  Kansas City.  He splits his time between writing music for  marching ensembles and video games, resulting in a very varied SoundCloud profile!



Osiris-1 is Rick Manua, who makes lo-fi hip hop. Full to the brim with 8-bit basslines, wonky beats, and clattering percussion, Rick’s music is reminiscant of LA’s Brainfeeder Crew.


Swamp Juice

For something a bit more Jazzy, there’s Swamp Juice.  Not much is known about the band (if they even are a band, it could be the product of a singular mastermind), but expect to hear splashy drums, slick guitar lines, and sax solos.


Finally, Ryan Oldham instructor at the Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance.  Oldham’s music has been performed in the United States, Mexico, and  (our very own!) Sweden.



As always, we encourage you to check out citysounds.fm for more from Kansas.

If you’re in the city or area, feel free to join the SoundCloud Local: Kansas City group.

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