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Picture taken by Andrew Horne, found on Wikipedia.

The subject of this week’s SoundCloud Local, is Ann Arbor, another Midwestern American city, this time situated in the Great Lakes Region.  Positioned between Detroit (the home of Techno), and Chicago (the birthplace of House), let’s see what combinations we find…

Christopher Norman

The music that Christopher Norman makes isn’t Techno, or House, but orchestral electronic pop.  Chris describes himself as “a man with a couple instruments, a few microphones, and a minimoog.” Take a listen below.


Sad Souls

Sad Souls is Tom Auty, who also makes music as Wizards, and Cerulean Tapes.  His album Aperion is a collection of ambient soundscapes. Perfect for working to, or just kicking back.


Samn Johnson

Samn Johnson is a 20 year old composer and musician, studying composition at the University of Michigan.  Samn started out playing guitar in a punk band, but found himself producing orchestral pieces, as well as music for piano, and chamber ensembles.  He’s currently working on his first album.



Little is known about Elkhart, other than the fact that is the surname of a man called Thomas.  Elkart’s music is rooted in the area’s heritage of drum machines, synths and grooves.  Take a listen below.


We Are The Union

It’s not all electronic beats and chilled atmospherics coming out of Ann Arbor though.  We Are The Union are a five-piece band specialising in ska-punk, known for their love for fast music, horns and their incredibly short attention spans.


Why not, check out citysounds.fm for more from Ann Arbor.  If you’re in the city or area, feel free to join the SoundCloud Local: Ann Arbor group and submit your tracks. And don’t forget to keep an eye on Meetup.com for any events coming your way.

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