SoundCloud Local: Toulouse

SoundCloud Local: Toulouse

Picture taken by Nicolas Fleuré, found on Wikipedia.

For this week’s SoundCloud Local, we are visiting Toulouse, in southern France. Let’s see what we can find…


K12 is a 23 year old musician who moved to Toulouse 2 years ago.  His productions are heavy combinations of electro and dubstep.  Take a listen below:

Patrick Duvignacq

For something decidedly more chilled, check out Patrick Duvignacq.  The six piece band mix together all kinds of instrumentation, from synths, banjos and saxophones, to Ribabs and Lotars, resulting in an eclectic mix of genres.


Taking the multi-cultural mix even further, is Ethnicalvibes, combining the sounds of sitars and tablas with drum machines and synths.

Bim Bam Prod

A post about France wouldn’t be complete without some French rap.  Bim Bam Prod are a crew of rappers, dancers, DJ’s, beatmakers, graffiti artists, all working together.


Finally, we have Saåad, who makes dark, distorted drone music, full of atmosphere.

Check out for more from Toulouse.  If you’re in the city or area, feel free to join the SoundCloud Local: Toulouse group and submit your tracks. And don’t forget to keep an eye on for any events coming your way.

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