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Edward Found Sounds: Here kitty, kitty!

Found Sounds is a SoundCloud community feature focusing on some of the most weird and wonderful sounds that can be found on SoundCloud. Count on new installments with some of our favorite sounds each Tuesday!

It’s an Irish Proverb to ‘beware of people who don’t like cats’ and how can you dispute that when you’re faced with a kittens purr, or a friendly meow. This week in Found Sounds we take a look over the cloud for the cutest meow we can find!

First off we found what must be the happiest cat in the whole wide world! The sounds of purr’ing; this cat is fast asleep dreaming of catching the fattest mouse around. Thanks to animal lover Bennett Kolasinski for uploading the sounds of his cats purrs waking him up in the morning!

Up next is something a little unusual. You may think I’m a little crazy for asking, what if Kanye West were a cat? Well if he were, I’m pretty sure he’d sound a little like Husky101’s cat, this kitty sure is ready for the bright lights and fame of a kitty rap career!

Here we go! We think we’ve found what we were looking for all along, the cutest meow on the cloud!

What do you think? Think your cat has a cuter meow, share it with our Community Team and let them judge right here! On a final note, our Community Manager Marie wants to introduce you to her cat Binky, the most talkative cat on the planet.


That’s all for this week’s Found Sounds! Tune in next week for more crazy sounds from the ‘Cloud.

David Storytelling with SoundCloud

Many of you may know the App Gallery as the best place to find new apps to create and promote sounds.  You may know some of the music focused apps such as BandPage by RootMusic or Presonus Studio One, but more and more focus on spoken word and storytelling.  These apps make it easier than ever before to let your audience listen in.

New to audio editing?  Don’t need all the effects in music making software to get your point across? Hindenburg Journalist is the app for you – it is a simple to use and streamlined audio editor made for journalists.  Packed with all the features needed to assemble a good radio show and without all the effects and ad-ons needed for music production,  it’s the best way to get started in podcasting.  When you’re finished editing,  export directly to SoundCloud.

SpeakerText offers quick and inexpensive transcription for any SoundCloud sound you share with it.  The amazing thing about SpeakerText isn’t the transcription though,  it’s their CaptionBox that really makes the app stand out. Embedded directly below the SoundCloud player, it highlights each word as it’s being spoken.  You can also jump to any part of the recording by clicking on text you want to hear.  Neat, huh?

Storify is an app that allows you to curate the best of social media to tell a story, letting visitors get the whole picture, as it happened.  Drag and drop media into Storify and then embed the whole post anywhere on the web. ABC’s Dan Patterson uses Storify and SoundCloud to chronicle Occupy Wall Street . Find out exactly how you can make the most of storify here.

So what are you waiting for?  Try some of the easy-to-use tools out there to help you record, edit, transcribe and share your stories with SoundCloud and the world!

Jami SoundCloud Local: Ann Arbor


Picture taken by Andrew Horne, found on Wikipedia.

The subject of this week’s SoundCloud Local, is Ann Arbor, another Midwestern American city, this time situated in the Great Lakes Region.  Positioned between Detroit (the home of Techno), and Chicago (the birthplace of House), let’s see what combinations we find…

Christopher Norman

The music that Christopher Norman makes isn’t Techno, or House, but orchestral electronic pop.  Chris describes himself as “a man with a couple instruments, a few microphones, and a minimoog.” Take a listen below.

Sad Souls

Sad Souls is Tom Auty, who also makes music as Wizards, and Cerulean Tapes.  His album Aperion is a collection of ambient soundscapes. Perfect for working to, or just kicking back.

Samn Johnson

Samn Johnson is a 20 year old composer and musician, studying composition at the University of Michigan.  Samn started out playing guitar in a punk band, but found himself producing orchestral pieces, as well as music for piano, and chamber ensembles.  He’s currently working on his first album.


Little is known about Elkhart, other than the fact that is the surname of a man called Thomas.  Elkart’s music is rooted in the area’s heritage of drum machines, synths and grooves.  Take a listen below.

We Are The Union

It’s not all electronic beats and chilled atmospherics coming out of Ann Arbor though.  We Are The Union are a five-piece band specialising in ska-punk, known for their love for fast music, horns and their incredibly short attention spans.

Why not, check out for more from Ann Arbor.  If you’re in the city or area, feel free to join the SoundCloud Local: Ann Arbor group and submit your tracks. And don’t forget to keep an eye on for any events coming your way.