SoundCloud VFS Scholarship Challenge: We have a winner!

We asked everyone out there to vote for the best candidate of the SoundCloud and Vancouver Film School’s Full Scholarship Challenge, and based on the eligible votes received, we now have a winner! Yay!

Let’s give a big congratulations to Gordon McGladdery! Hear how Gordon felt about winning below:

Here’s his winning submission as well, the sound of “An Imaginary Animal Being Born”:

All ten finalists were great, but Gordon’s submission was chosen by you as the best. Gordon will now be joining Vancouver Film School’s Sound Design for Visual Media program.

Thanks to everyone out there for participating, and stay connected to VFS by following them on SoundCloud.

Interested in finding out more about the Sound Design for Visual Media program? Click here!

  • cidlix on soundcloud

    That is not a very sophisticated sound effects… just some re-pitched goat layered with pads… 

  • Deadwhitehorse

    Well he wins, it’s good for him, and of course sad for all the other participants. It was great to be a finalist, and after the contest, life continues. I just think the way to decide who the winner is wasn’t very fair, cause the only way to succeed was to have a network or as he said a great family and friends, and for me, the jury should have chose the winner only by the quality and not on aleatory votes. If you know 20000 people who can vote for you, do you really an other help from institutions? Winning by popularity and not only talents? not the way I see things, but I’m one of the losers so I don’t have any word to say…

  • ersoxbow

     ideas don’t always come easy. All of us need a little kick start from time to time, to get our minds ticking. To get excited. The short black of inspiration.  promotional chopping boards