Found Sounds | Ping Pong

Found Sounds | Ping Pong

Found Sounds is a SoundCloud community feature focusing on some of the most weird and wonderful sounds that can be found on SoundCloud. Count on new installments with some of our favorite sounds each Tuesday!

As the craze of Ping Pong sweeps nations, that infamous sound may rouse feelings of adrenaline, excitement, maybe even frustration! This week I thought we’d share SoundCloud’s love of Ping Pong with all of you. Every Friday we love to head down to our office basement, share some beers and play group Ping Pong. We’ve even taken this craze with us over to our San Francisco office, take a listen:

In Berlin you’ll find a Ping Pong table in pretty much any park you go to, and in the summer months you’ll have to get in their early to bag a table. There’s something so relaxing about this rhythmic noise in the background while spending a day in the park. If walls had ears has a great collection of field recordings from their city life in Barcelona, he captured this atmosphere perfectly.

Here’s an alternative take on the sounds of Ping Pong, SoundClouder Ben Fawkes has taken the sounds of a ball ending its bounce and slowed it down to give it a deep space sound. This is what Ping Pong would sound like in outer space.

So, take out your paddles, check this map for your nearest Ping Pong table and get your game on!

That’s all for this week’s Found Sounds! Tune in next week for more crazy sounds from the ‘Cloud.

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