SoundCloud Unmute Your Timeline with the New SoundCloud Facebook Integration

It’s a new year and it’s time to go beyond listening & playing, and get more social by sharing sounds and interactions on SoundCloud to Facebook! Back in September at the Facebook F8 launch, we were announced as an integration partner, and here are the results. Starting today, you’ll be able to share your SoundCloud activity and interactions to Facebook more easily, putting more sound into your Timeline!


In addition to showcasing your newly uploaded sounds and favorites on SoundCloud, you will now be able to share:

  • the cool SoundClouders you started following
  • the engaging groups you joined
  • and the sweet sounds you listened to while cruising the community

It’s totally up to you to enable the additional actions, but if you do, there will be a recap of your activity on SoundCloud in your Facebook Timeline each month.

You’ll have the option to connect and disconnect anything at any time at the following link as well.


  • If you enabled sharing sounds you listened to on SoundCloud to Facebook, all sounds you listen to will be posted to the Facebook Ticker, no matter where you’re listening on the web. So that means: if you listen on the iPhone, iPad, Android app, mobile site, and/or via an embedded widget while logged into SoundCloud, these sounds will be shared to the Facebook Ticker and recapped in your Timeline.
  • If you have your Facebook account connected to SoundCloud, by default your newly uploaded sounds and favorites will be posted to Facebook. You can turn this off here if you wish.

That’s it for now, folks! If you have additional questions about this, please check the FAQs that appear at the top of this page. In the meantime, dig into the SoundCloud Facebook app and go beyond listening & playing by sharing your ‘Cloud interactions with your friends and unmute your Timeline!

  • Mack Samaha

    I’m wondering if I can’t install a sc box between my friends and recent activity boxes. with a list of my songs…

  • I thought this was so you could put a song on your profile or something but this is kinda dumb

  • Anonymous

    Looks interesting, still undecided about how I feel about the current direction facebook is heading….it’s cool but it feels like facebook is becoming less and less relevant to my life…and not more.

  • Sweet!

  • Livingaudio

    Should have a “listen with” option like Spotify now does


    do i have to use the timeline crap on facebook for this to work?i only want to share soundcloud tracks on my page that i created specifically for that purpose.i DO NOT want to post on my wall.and even if i do post on my wall where is my ability to share with anybody? 

  • fish

    just posting the url of your tracks on your page will still work the same

  • Layer0

    I’d prefer more soundcloud features than other FB stuff. Why I cannot tag other soundcloud users in my collaboration? How about more fb features in soundcloud?

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