Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Found Sounds is a SoundCloud community feature focusing on some of the most weird and wonderful sounds that can be found on SoundCloud. Count on new installments with some of our favorite sounds each Tuesday!

Finally the winter has hit. Albeit a little late, we’re beginning to see the snow flakes fall and feel the icy winds rush around us. But what do we hear over these winter months?

It is the cracking of ice, crunching of snow and the whistle and thud of snowball fights that remind me of winter. Last month Abstraction caught this field recording of the creaking and cracking of ice on a lake, this spooky recording transposes directly in to the influences you can hear in this users music. Taking inspiration from the world around him Abstraction creates some great, haunting, ambient music.

Winter can be a beautiful time, when snow covers the ground it transforms everything around us. Just like in the Autumn, when you walk down the street you’ll hear the rustling of the leaves from peoples feet, in Winter you’ll hear the crunching of snow. What better place to talk a walk in the snow than Central Park….

After a day spent outside, what better way is there to escape the cold of the snow by settling down in an armchair by a roaring fire…

That’s all for this week’s Found Sounds! Tune in next week for more crazy sounds from the ‘Cloud.

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