Jane New Community Program: SoundCloud Heroes

The varied contribution in the community of now more than 10 million SoundClouders around the world keeps blowing our minds every day. We’ve seen so many different ways you’ve all made an impact in one way or another: whether they’re through meaningful connections formed, experimental collaborations, offline or online evangelists and supporters. The spirit of community has always been at the heart of who we are. In the past, some of you have stepped up as leaders within the community. To us, you are heroes and we’ve got something for you. Welcome to our new Community program: The SoundCloud Heroes. With the SoundCloud Hero program, we’re building a global network of local offline & online volunteer SoundCloud ambassadors.

Who are we looking for? You’re an inspiring connector, communicator and leader in your community who gets things done. You understand SoundCloud’s mission to unmute the web with all forms of audio. You see sound as the missing element on the web for expressing yourself. You’re enthusiastic to support SoundCloud’s mission on a local level with a global impact.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Local user collaborations
  • Speaker series (e.g. spoken word nights at your favorite local cafe)
  • Sound theme events and “missions” that can be collaborated with the other local SoundCloud heroes
  • Or simply grabbing some brews with other local SoundClouders at a meetup

Whatever great and impactful ideas and goals you have in mind that are specific to expanding the SoundCloud community in your city, we want to help you! We’ll provide you with guidance to help you on your way. To say thanks, we’ll hook you up with some sweet swag, some of which includes:

  • A trip to meet and work with our team in either San Francisco or Berlin
  • Limited edition t-shirts
  • Official cards with your name on it
  • Supply of pins, stickers and t-shirts
  • More surprises to be added throughout the year!

Where? We’re starting our search for heroes in US metropolitan cities like Austin, San Francisco, New York City and Chicago. If you’re not in one of these US cities or outside of the US but think you can still bring the SoundCloud game to your city, let us know where you’re at and why you’d make a great hero. Don’t worry! We’ll be in touch when we’re ready to expand the program throughout the year.

How do I apply? Apply here. The SoundCloud Community Team will review all applications and choose people we feel will best represent SoundCloud in their local communities. The program will be ongoing and we’re not limiting the number of SoundCloud Heroes in each city. Good luck! If you have any questions, reach out to heroes[at]soundcloud[dot]com

  • This is great news! Looking forward to hearing some great stories!

  • Interlocuter

    Dang, I forgot to put my “secret” link. so I just made it public. :)

  • Gooooooood stuff S-Clouders. The application is on its way to Berlin right about……now!

  • SilentScout

    Hey what does everyone use to make these beats? I can’t seem to find any and would love to start getting into it

  • Pound Soundcloud 4 LIFE

  • Looks like a lot of fun. :) Can’t wait to meet other soundclouders!

  • Natey Love

    Great Ideas!

  • Meshach Anyaoha

    how do i sign up

  • MightyBender of ShadowPeople


  • RealityDubstep


  • Svyable

    just went to my first soundcloud meet up in boston cant wait to go back!

  • VitamindeeSeattle

    Awesome!  I have been holding SoundCloud meet ups monthly in Seattle!

  • Amgawler

    This is awesome!!! Can’t wait to join : )

  • Hello everybody!

    I’m a brazilian fella, who has worked in a local radio station and I’m passionate for sounds and to comunicate.

    Now i’m going back to the audio world.

    I’m new in Sound Cloud, by now, i’m reading and looking for information about it and I’m very interested in work with you here in Rio Grande do Sul, the extreme south of Brazil, when will be possible.

    Sorry about my terrible English.

  • Nicktorres57

    G.u.l.l.y Gang Fla .. Nicktorres57@yahoo.com

  • Follow @SoundCloudSF we’re the original heroes. We even have a soundcloud group at http://soundcoudsf.org

  • I live in Charlotte, but i want in on this project.

  • shayhan (Poindextar)

    where do you hsve these meetings at

  • Nelsor4

    really!!! i’m from seattle. how can i join these??

  • Mac-real

    Ther needs to be a soundcloud meeting in manchester…! :)

  • Visda Goudarzi

    Awesome initiative. Would Graz count as a metropolitan city?;-)