David Email Unlock – Email for download, powered by SoundCloud

Giving away a download in exchange for an email address has become a standard practice in music the past few years. It’s a great way to build up your email list while also getting your music out there. How could SoundCloud make this process even better for both artists and their fans? The answer: Email Unlock.

Email Unlock is a free hosted SoundCloud Labs app that allows you to give fans exclusive downloads and get their email addresses in return. It takes less than a minute to setup an Email Unlock campaign. Let’s get started:

Building Your Campaign

Creating a campaign is as easy as 1, 2.

  1. Head over to Email Unlock and Connect with your SoundCloud account.
  2. Once SoundCloud returns you to the app: click Create new campaign, Select a sound you’d like to offer, and click Save

And you’re done! Email Unlock will automatically create a nice campaign page and all the sharing functions you need to promote it. Here are some tips:

Promoting Your Campaign

Here are a few ways to get your campaign out there:

  • Campaign Page – You can send your fans right to the newly created campaign page. Simply grab the URL and distribute it out to your social networks.
  • Widget – Click Share on the your Email Unlock widget and it will _flip_ over. Here you’ll find some social sharing links in addition to an embeddable widget. _Click to copy_ the embed code and add it to your website, blog, or press announcement.
  • Facebook Tab – Click Facebook Tab in the header of your campaign page to enter the Tab creation flow. Login with Facebook and select the Page you want the campaign to live on. Easy.

Email Unlock Examples

Thanks to our lovely BETA testers, there are tons of Email Unlock examples out in the wild. Here are a few of our favorites:

24 thoughts on “Email Unlock – Email for download, powered by SoundCloud

  1. Adi

    This is a great app, but I would love to be able to share a whole set of songs, too, instead of just one song. Could this be implemented, please?

  2. Simon Hilton

    Works fantastically – really impressive. Simple, stylish, classy. Awesome and Beautiful.
    A few small points – 1. “Enter email to download” could be slightly darker so the “call to action” is more apparent.2. The option to have a smaller or resizing version to embed would be great – I have blog columns as thin as 200px – in it’s current embed state it’s too large to fit them.3. If you could add extra tracks, artwork and a text file, or just a zip file, that would be great.4. If the audio previewed on Facebook that would be awesome.5. If you display the app in your Facebook Timeline header display, it appears as the padlock icon. (see here https://www.facebook.com/sadiejemmettofficial) Could it be the cover art (maybe with a smaller padlock icon) rather than the padlock icon?6. Building the timeline view across the top of the full screen unlock page so the comments pop up as the song plays would be great.These are all small points, really. The App in its current state works beautifully and I shall be using it a lot – Thanks very much!All the bestSImon

  3. JordyVision

    This morning I thought to myself; “Why doesn’t Soundcloud have this feature?”. It took you just 3 hours to answer that question, without me ever actually asking it! Nice one!

  4. Lee Martin

    Hey Simon, Thanks for the feedback! 

    1) Agreed, will fix that. 2) Also agreed, a little tricky but I’ll figure it out. 3) Thinking about it, though I would like SoundCloud to power the whole thing. Let me ask my boss. 4) I could add this, but it may lower conversions. 5) Tricky because it’s actually one app that everyone is sharing, but I’ll look into it.Thanks again! Next time, drop me a line: lee@soundcloud.com so I can organize this!

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  7. Brian Kelly

    Thanks for making this tool available. I created a campaign and tested it. I have some concerns/suggestions:
    1) If a listener can hear the entire track and repeat an infinite number of times, what’s the incentive for them to exchange their email?2) Many people will be reluctant to submit their email on a website that is not secure (i.e., does not show https in the url).3) I was able to easily extract the mp3 using a readily available Firefox plugin. (I won’t say which one.)4) The “Click to Copy” the embed code does not work on the browsers/OSs I use (Mac: Safari and Firefox; PC: Firefox).5) It would be very helpful to also be able to collect the person’s full name. Emails that are sent without the person’s full name are likely to be considered spam by many email programs. I know that will be a problem with email marketing services such as ConstantContact.

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  9. Lee Martin

    Thanks Brian. 1) Portability 2) HTTPS is being looked into, but emails will not be added until they are confirmed 3) Such is the nature of the web, if you’re scared your music is going to be downloaded – don’t put it on the internet 4) Copy/Paste stuff never works so great, going to replace this with textbox 5) It’s a problem of real estate on the widget itself, but I’m considering more options on the form.

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