Email Unlock – Email for download, powered by SoundCloud

Email Unlock – Email for download, powered by SoundCloud

Giving away a download in exchange for an email address has become a standard practice in music the past few years. It’s a great way to build up your email list while also getting your music out there. How could SoundCloud make this process even better for both artists and their fans? The answer: Email Unlock.

Email Unlock is a free hosted SoundCloud Labs app that allows you to give fans exclusive downloads and get their email addresses in return. It takes less than a minute to setup an Email Unlock campaign. Let’s get started:

Building Your Campaign

Creating a campaign is as easy as 1, 2.

  1. Head over to Email Unlock and Connect with your SoundCloud account.
  2. Once SoundCloud returns you to the app: click Create new campaign, Select a sound you’d like to offer, and click Save

And you’re done! Email Unlock will automatically create a nice campaign page and all the sharing functions you need to promote it. Here are some tips:

Promoting Your Campaign

Here are a few ways to get your campaign out there:

  • Campaign Page – You can send your fans right to the newly created campaign page. Simply grab the URL and distribute it out to your social networks.
  • Widget – Click Share on the your Email Unlock widget and it will _flip_ over. Here you’ll find some social sharing links in addition to an embeddable widget. _Click to copy_ the embed code and add it to your website, blog, or press announcement.
  • Facebook Tab – Click Facebook Tab in the header of your campaign page to enter the Tab creation flow. Login with Facebook and select the Page you want the campaign to live on. Easy.

Email Unlock Examples

Thanks to our lovely BETA testers, there are tons of Email Unlock examples out in the wild. Here are a few of our favorites:

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