SoundCloud Heroes Program: Welcome the first Heroes

SoundCloud Heroes Program: Welcome the first Heroes

Last month in February, we announced our new community program, SoundCloud Heroes, a global network of SoundCloud volunteers ready to share the SoundCloud mission by helping develop meaningful connections, inspire and foster creativity with others through collaborations, meetups, workshops and more in their local SoundCloud community.

Today, we are very excited to introduce the first SoundCloud Heroes. Say hello to Tim, Nicole, Chas, Jared and Jaime who hail from Austin, San Francisco, New York City, Syracuse and Chicago. Hover your mouse over the plots on the map to hear their audio introductions:

We will also get to know our first Heroes a bit closer every day on the blog in the next few days so be on the lookout! If you’re from any of their cities and want to get involved, reach out to them. Leave a comment for them in the set here as well.

Where next? How do I apply?

We’re already looking to bring more Heroes on board! We are looking for SoundCloud Heroes in the following US cities: Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Boston and Nashville. Send us your applications by March 22. Apply here. If you’re not from these select cities and have already applied or want to apply, please send in your applications. We’ll reach out when the program grows!

What about SoundClouders outside of the US?
Not to worry! If you’re based outside of the US, we encourage you to apply, too if you haven’t done so already! We’ll be expanding the program globally this year, so stay tuned.

Have any questions or ideas?
Email us at heroes[at]soundcloud[dot]com or leave a comment in the blog post below. We can’t wait to hear the great community stories and SoundCloud Heroes that emerge from different cities that can inspire us all here on SoundCloud!

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