Meet NYC SoundCloud Hero: Chas Wagner

Meet NYC SoundCloud Hero: Chas Wagner

SoundCloud NYC Hero, Chas Wagner is a big fan of sports, tech and audio. He uses SoundCloud to combine those three passions by hosting a podcast on Big East college basketball. One of his goals as a SoundCloud Hero is to share the sounds, culture, news of the different boroughs in New York City on SoundCloud, so NYC friends: help get involved with Chas!

What do you do? How do you use SoundCloud in your life?
I’m currently working on a startup of my own, building a sports website to let fans share and connect around their favorite sports memories. Being a first-time entrepreneur, I’ve made all the rookie mistakes, but have been making good progress the last few months. I’m also interviewing with early stage NYC startups for biz dev positions to gain more experience and help keep the lights on at my crouton-sized East Village apartment.

More importantly, I use SoundCloud for all sorts of cool stuff. I get my geek on by tuning in to Robert Scoble, Fred Wilson’s MBAMondays and The Next Web for my tech fix; then, listen to John Legend, The Foo Fighters and several up-and-coming musicians. Lastly, I produce a college basketball podcast called SixOvertimes, which covers Big East basketball and we’re looking to do big things with the Dropbox feature to better interact with fans.

What are your aspirations for the SoundCloud community in your city?
SoundCloud World Domination. Since we’re looking at it from a city level, I really want SoundCloud to make it happen at a hyperlocal level. Because each borough has its eclectic mix of diverse neighborhoods, I’d like every hood to have its own voice and presence on SoundCloud. From learning more about local businesses, politicians and the best dive bars, the SoundCloud community will gain a better understanding of New York City and be inspired to record their own local stories.

Also, I want to bring more comedians to SoundCloud. Selfishly, I love to laugh (don’t we all) and there are so many funny people in NYC, so, let’s get them using the big orange button

What is your favorite place in the city and why?
Anywhere with Calexico crack sauce. I’m definitely a food truck snob and these three brothers from LA have mastered the art of Mexican street food. Without fail, I always get the carnes asada quesadillas with cheddar, Monterey jack and their secret chipotle “crack” sauce. If I keep going five days a week to their Madison Square Park location, maybe, just maybe they will fill me in on the crack sauce recipe. Oh, and kudos to them, they opened their first sit-down restaurants in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Greenpoint and Red Hook. 

What is your favorite sound and why?
As for naturally occurring, it has to be the sweet sound of the basketball net after dropping a nice shot. I don’t hear this as often in my personal hoops game anymore, as I’ve lost that elusive smooth jumper, but I love hearing it from a Ray Allen or Kobe Bryant shot. 

Other great ones are Sean Connery and Liev Schrieber’s (HBO Sports narrator) voices. The dudes speak with such conviction that I would believe them if they told me the New York Mets are the best baseball team in NY.

Where else can we find you on the web?

Interested in being a SoundCloud Hero, too?
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