David Turn Your Sound Into An iPhone Case With Shapeways

What happens when two creative communities join forces? They create The Vibe which lets you turn your favorite SoundCloud sound into a 3D-printed iPhone case.

Listen to Shapeways’ Community Manager Ana and I talk about The Vibe at SXSW in Austin last week:

Want to touch the first sound you ever created? Want to carry your child’s first words around with you every day? No matter which sound you care about most, The Vibe by Shapeways lets you keep it in your pocket *and* protect your iPhone at the same time. Pretty rad.

Shapeways created a super straight-forward way for you to print your sound as an iPhone case. Head over to our App Gallery to access the app, connect your SoundCloud account and select your sound:


Be quick to take advantage of the special offer and print your favorite sound for $19.95 (excl. shipping and taxes).

If you’re getting your own Vibe, make sure to tweet at us with a picture or let us know in the comments.

Thanks to the Shapeways team for making this possible.

  • Imsatan420

    Pretty sick actually

  • Pretty cool, eh?

  • Anonymous


  • good idea but i think it looks kinda stupid….barely even looks like a waveform with all the EXTRA lines (wtf is that….automation data lol?). Only B&W too??

  • What iPhone though? 3GS?, 4? The first one? I thought there were different specs.

  • Sephiroth

    I’d prefer a frequence range from top to bottom and a timeline from left to right, so that i would look like a map with tales and hills, but this is just.. I’m sorry about this words.. useless shit..