Fun Friday: Meet Evan Tenenbaum

Fun Friday: Meet Evan Tenenbaum

Today, we’re excited to introduce Evan Tenenbaum, who joins SoundCloud’s Content Team. He was previously a radio producer in Portland and a SoundCloud Fellow, who has grown up loving radio his whole life and enjoys the great outdoors.

Hi ! Thanks for doing this interview! Can you introduce yourself?
No problemo. My name’s Evan, I work at SoundCloud…life is great.

Can you take a minute and let us know what you do at SoundCloud?
My official title is “Audio Content Manager”. I work with radio producers, networks, newsrooms, podcasters, storytellers, audiophiles. Basically anyone creating content outside of music. I introduce them to our platform and awesome community, educate them about all the great ways SoundCloud can be used, and support them as they use our tools. This is my dream job.

You are working from the San Francisco office is that correct? What do you love most about San Fran?
Yup, San Francisco is amazing. The sun, friendly people, energetic and creative communities… I can’t help but smile every morning when I wake up in this gorgeous place.

This is a question I always love asking – How did you get introduced to the ‘Cloud?
I originally started to use SoundCloud during my time working in radio. It’s a great way to store audio, privately share it with colleagues and, of course, publish it across the web. It really is (and I’m not just saying this because I work here) an amazing tool for audio-producers of all types.

And this is an easy one – What are your favorite things about working at SoundCloud so far?
Every day I’m learning something new, meeting passionate people working on exciting projects, and contributing to what I believe is a really important and powerful product. Also, my co-workers totally rock.

When you are not working, what do you love to do? What are you passionate about?
As you’ve probably guessed, I love listening to the radio, podcasts, and all types of experimental sound-projects. I also really enjoy producing audio-pieces of my own. Apart from my ears, I enjoy rock-climbing, park-chilling and raging to bass music.

At the moment, what are your favorite sounds on the ‘Cloud?
I’d have to say Love+Radio, which is an amazing, boundary-pushing show produced by Nick van der Kolk. Season 3 is around the corner!

Music-wise, I’ve been rocking a lot of Random Rab as of late. Beautiful, heavy, deep music produced right here in SF!

Lastly, do you have any fun facts you can tell us about?
Apparently, my fun fact is that I have a radio-tower tattoo…my co-workers think it’s a fun fact, but I think it’s very, very serious ;)

Where can we find you on the Interwebs?



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