SoundCloud Speaks – #2 – Roman Mars

SoundCloud Speaks – #2 – Roman Mars

Today we’re happy to present another installment of our new audio series ‘SoundCloud Speaks’. The series gives us a chance to take an in-depth look into stories from the ‘cloud, whether they’re interesting users, fun projects or shiny-new features we’ve introduced.

In this episode we’ll hear from SoundCloud power-user and radio-producer extraordinaire, Roman Mars. Roman lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, producing the popular podcast and micro-radio show 99% Invisible. He is also the host, program director, and creative mind behind PRX’s fantastic 24-hour story stream, Public Radio Remix. Listen in, as we talk with Roman about his projects, how he got started in radio, and his on-going love affair with the human voice on tape.

For a list of the music featured, head to this show’s page on SoundCloud.v

SoundCloud Speaks is your show, so let us know what you’d like to hear. If you have a story you’d like to tell, a question you’d like answered, or want to recommend a friend’s sounds for us to share, get in touch by either leaving a comment here, or sending us a voice message at our dropbox. We’re also looking for some more voices for our intro jingles, if you fancy being included, just send us a recording of you saying ‘SoundCloud Speaks’, and we’ll throw it in the mix.

Thanks again for listening, hope you enjoy!

(For more spoken word, check out our blog series ‘SoundCloud Voices’)

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