David Connect Around Sound: Save The Date For SoundCloud’s Global Meetup Day on May 17th

Sound brings people together. Sound forms connections and sound breaks down barriers. SoundClouders are spread all over the globe and that’s what makes this community of sound creators so amazing and unique. You’re the best and you should celebrate yourself on May 17th when it’s time for another SoundCloud Global Meetup Day. Save the date!

Global Meetup Days in the past have seen thousands of SoundClouders meet and connect in real life in hundreds of locations around the world. It’s truly inspiring to be a part of and we’ve heard some amazing stories emerging from these meetups.

So let’s take things to the next level and make this the best Global Meetup Day to date! Trust us, it’s going to be a special one. We can’t share all the details just yet but let us say that you’d want to either be the organizer of a meetup or attend once there’s a meetup confirmed in your city.

Save the date for May 17th, 2012 for an extra special, not to be missed SoundCloud Global Meetup Day! Meet up with like-minded Clouders in your city to connect over sound, create collaborative recordings, run your own sound scavenger hunt, record spoken word or do a million other creative things together (the sky’s the limit!). Let’s show the world that the SoundCloud community is the largest community of sound creators on the planet!

How to organize?

  1. First check whether there’s already a meetup scheduled close to you. If there isn’t, you can easily create one, check this step-by-step guide to learn how to set up your meetup.
  2. Find a venue, you’ll want somewhere that enables you to communicate and collaborate to create sounds together. This can be a studio, office, your living room, a bar, it’s your choice! Just make sure there’s access to the web so you can create and share from there.
  3. Once you have committed to your venue & established a meetup, email us at meetups [at] soundcloud [dot] com to request swag.
  4. Promote your meetup on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter and invite your friends to join. We can help you promote your meetup through our channels and every registered meetup will get some meetup swag for their event.

How to participate?

  1. Find an event going on in your city by searching our Meetup.com page and click “Count me in”
  2. Help spread the word, tell your friends about it on Facebook, tweet about it, do whatever you can!
  3. Get inspired and join other SoundClouders and connect over sound by creating something cool: express it via song, interview friends and collect opinions, share sounds that mean something to you…whatever you do, it’s going to be cool!

So, set a reminder in your calendar for May 17th and get talking, we can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to show us. For our part, we’ll be hosting a meetup in Berlin, London and San Francisco. We’ll let you know what cool things are going on at meetups around the world on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, so keep a lookout so you can join in!

396 thoughts on “Connect Around Sound: Save The Date For SoundCloud’s Global Meetup Day on May 17th

  1. Mike

    PHILADELPHIA PA. if anyone is thinking about making one, trying to get a venue on board, lets do this!

  2. Monk Zylo

    This is friggin awesome, anyone here in the deep South?  Nawlins, Mobile, I’m in Biloxi. I’m young in heart and older than most of you, so what?

  3. Anonymous

    there aren’t any scheduled yet, but you can help us start one! http://www.meetup.com/Soundcloud/

  4. Anonymous

    I will email you this week – in the meantime you can start a meetup here : http://www.meetup.com/Soundcloud/ :)

  5. Anonymous

    You can plan one for Oakland here: http://www.meetup.com/Soundcloud/Oakland-CA/ or join the SF meetup here: http://www.meetup.com/Soundcloud/San-Francisco-CA/

  6. Anonymous

    You could start one in either location :) http://www.meetup.com/Soundcloud/San-Diego-CA/

  7. Anonymous

    and for everyone else in SF, here is that link: http://www.meetup.com/Soundcloud/San-Francisco-CA/

  8. Léo Jose Klock

    Hello to all clouder’s sound, my name is Leo’m a Brazilian with great pride, currently reside in a small town called Great Plains which is located in the State of Mato Grosso, I am much older than many born in 1968 but I have a mind and a young heart and SoundCloud’m known as Dj Klock Leo, I love music in all styles, I like to produce tracks electronics, dance and trance, I would like to know more people around the world can share my songs and ideas with will hug you all and come visit me en http://soundcloud/djleoklock.com earned.

  9. Chris Shendo

    The Orlando Meet-up planning is under way! http://www.meetup.com/Soundcloud/Orlando-FL/

  10. Anonymous

    HAPPY BDAY!!! :) It does not look like one is planned yet, can you help with it : http://www.meetup.com/Soundcloud/

  11. Daniel

    17th of may is the norwegian national day so most people i know are in the traditional celebration clothes..

  12. Scoopybenz

    Is there one meetup here in Italy? It sounds really nice and I really wanna participate, I like this kinda event :)

  13. Sachazunic

    I’m in Sydney, but needed to post that my girlfriend and I had a holiday n Lake Garda last year and it is one of the most beautiful places I have been :O)

  14. Anonymous

    It looks like there is one in Raleigh! http://www.meetup.com/Soundcloud/Raleigh-NC/ – You can also sign up a new one :)

  15. Jonas-Lindberg

    May 17th? D3 just released… good luck finding me outside on a day like that XD
    Awesome idea though!

  16. vpeg

     In Santarem and in Porto too (3 soundclouders), Nataliejo and Rui, but none in Lisboa or Setubal… anyone?

  17. Skubertus

    Hi I`m new here. Is there someone near Wroclaw? Maybe we can meet together in Poland. Polish Soundclouers meeting.

  18. DJ-LAM

    hello every one listen to my new mix lounge pop http://soundcloud.com/dj-lam/indie-music-mix-by-dj-lam
    liv you commm thanx … 

  19. laab tarik

    hello avrey one listen to my new POP UK LOUNG Mix By DJ Lam … is me lol http://soundcloud.com/dj-lam/indie-music-mix-by-dj-lam enjoy … and liv your comm thanx :) 

  20. Share a cherry

    Anything happening in Denmark, or near Copenhagen…???

    Hope for the best party ever…

  21. Dj Bowski

    17th May is the Norwegian national day. Will be hard to organise something this day. But very keen to do something for the next one here in Norway

  22. Dramax A.K.A

    hello my name is dramax request a collaboration with a mc who points ..?? contact me on facebook: Alan dramax rodriguez

  23. BeatCreatures

    Im a successful HipHop/RnB Producer from the UK and i will happily travel to the USA for a musical link up.

  24. Vivek Swaroop

    Anyone in Salt Lake, Kolkata, India??? I have everything, a full studio setup.. 
    Check my profile http://soundcloud.com/dj-visa-productionsNatalie: do lemme kno if u get smeone in my area.. CHEERS!!!

  25. vpeg

     there’s some portuguese people on soundclound after all… os tugas estão em todo o lado :-)

  26. Arborescape

    lol actually just left Camp Shelby, Mississippi (was in ARMY mobilization training for deployment) and now i’m in Kuwait, Camp LSA… good luck to y’all :)

  27. Seany-Doo

    If you like Pop/Dance music download my music for FREE here http://www.mediafire.com/?nyqw7nuytcnpw

    Thanks for the support

  28. MrDubin YaMouth

    Clearwater one is going to be dope! At the Hilton with Dj booths to show off your new tunes and demo areas for live P.A. Hoping to get Ableton involved.. Looking good, Big ups sound cloud!!!!

  29. Boogienights68

    what about coming down to boogienights our regular house and garage night we hold in kingston london baby yeah

  30. DJ Benny L

     hi guys the SoundCloud hope you enjoy my music can go on my profile if you wish tocomment thanks :)

  31. DJ Benny L


  32. Ziggyzoe7

    the only way to keep my head going easy in life, besides my kids, writing songs. just jumping on a track and write kinda make  me forget my straugles.
    and thats real.

  33. Anonymous

    Sounds exciting! Soundcloud is a great source of unfound talent. Keep up the great work.

  34. Nickpgarner

      Soundcloud has become my most visited site now… It’s great and I love it! Just hope it will stay free, anyone know? Only thing it misses for me is either forum on the dashboard or chat rooms…  Any plans for this in future??!!??

    P.s. any meets in SW England??

  35. Afro Blue

    New soundcloud user here in tijuana and would love to get together with fellow musicians here.

  36. Anthony Galdys

    If you listen to hip hop check my stuff and ill check you out too just leave a comment 

  37. Djaziz Mastouri

    hey how are you my name is DJ aziz mastouri and i am new DJ in the world ;) and i like check my music and tell me what you thnik and soon i do music with natalia kills and ……..if like do music with me just open  


     and i like check this siteweb when open you find all my music ;) …..


     and if like call me ….. : +21624285095 or send me a message ;) 

  38. Nickpgarner

     Only two things Soundcloud misses in my opnion is:

    A: A chat room/live forum on the dashboard
    B: Some way to make it possible to sepereate all the musicians from the rap/hip-hop “artists”..

      With those alterations it would be perfect, the later “B” suggestion being the more necessary change.

  39. 4x400

    New Track (TRANCE _ FULL ON -PSY ) in mysoundcloud http://soundcloud.com/dorbuskila/dor-buskila-magic-mushroom

  40. Lbuzov

    Music is creativity. Creativity comes from human expression. Human expression comes from emotion. Emotion comes from complex patterning of neurons and neurotransmitters through over 100 trillion neural connections, creating an incredible self aware computer known as the brain. 

    Music is everything !

    Greetings from Croatia:

  41. Ryan Stokes

    Hi SoundCloud – I’d like to volunteer for the Berlin meetup on the 17th if you are still looking for people to help out!

  42. ThaGeek

    I want to put meaning in the genre of rap, this site helps me expose my music so that one day i may be able to change the game. Much Love!