David The SoundCloud Community Heroes Summit

We spent this past weekend with our first 9 of 10 SoundCloud Community Heroes in the San Francisco office. We had a blast. Let’s start with the beginning:

Back in February we called for your applications to become a SoundCloud Hero in your city. With the Heroes program, we’re building a network of local ambassadors who want to help us on our mission to unmute the web. After selecting the first set of five and bringing on board the next set of five, we flew the group to San Francisco to spend the weekend with us and to dive into SoundCloud’s history, future and the different ways they will help us on our mission. We had tons of fun, which also included some impromptu collaborations at our final dinner on Saturday night. It was great having the chance to spend time with community members from all parts of the US.

Let’s listen to the Heroes introduce themselves after we wrapped up the Summit. We will be introducing the newest five heroes this week and the next on the blog so be on the lookout for that:

We covered quite a few topics and one of the highlights was seeing the Heroes define the program’s Guiding Principle. It was a fascinating session and great to feel the incredible amount of energy, dedication, passion and engagement our Heroes showed throughout the day. Here’s the SoundCloud Heroes Guiding Principle, spoken by our Heroes and edited by Matt, Los Angeles SoundCloud Hero:

And here are some snapshots from the weekend.

Thank you, Heroes, for making this weekend an amazing one.


  • Very cool! Awesome job and congrats to the Heroes.

  • First pretty sweet! Congrats everyone on making it to SF.

    Second, Soundcloud is in SF? I totally thought this was a fully European operation.

  • Jaime Black

    This was a great weekend! Entirely glad to have been a part of it!

  • Yep, we’ve opened the office here in September last year

  • Woot! Glad to have had you here with us