Meet Los Angeles SoundCloud Hero: Matthew Flynn

Meet Los Angeles SoundCloud Hero: Matthew Flynn

After profiling our first set of SoundCloud Heroes, we continue our profiles of our newest SoundCloud Heroes who joined us at our SoundCloud Community Heroes Summit in San Francisco last weekend on April 6-8. Read our recap here.

Matthew Flynn is a musician who goes by the moniker Shifty Teeth. As the Los Angeles SoundCloud Hero, he is interested in creating a central hub for LA SoundClouders to seek inspiration, networking and support. Fun fact: He and Boston SoundCloud Hero Tea Leigh had been in contact online on SoundCloud prior to meeting at the Heroes Summit last weekend. Come out to the Global Meetup Day in Los Angeles on May 17!

What do you do? How do you use SoundCloud in your life?
I am a musician based out of Santa Monica, CA, drifting between folk and electronic music, and at times trying to marry the two. SoundCloud has provided me the opportunity to collaborate with people all over the US and the rest of the world. I have recently become akin to pressing the REC button on my SoundCloud iPhone app to document found sounds.

SoundCloud is a huge part of why I am still pursuing music, mostly due to the other artist’s I have pulled inspiration from and the positive feedback and growing support I have received.

What are your aspirations for the SoundCloud community in your city?
This city is full of talented and creative people of all walks. I think it is important to establish a hub for people to look to for support, collaboration, inspiration, or networking. I find people are overwhelmed by the city at times and I want to help provide the venues, resources, and networking that can lead to some unique and powerful growth. I am also really excited for what I am going to learn throughout this process from the people I meet.

In a nutshell, I just want to be part of something different and special and to help foster some new relationships in the SoundCloud Los Angeles Community.

What is your favorite place in the city and why?
A few of my favorite’s include any part of a bike ride to the beach, Barnsdall Art Park (potential SoundCloud event venue), and my bed after a long week of work. Anywhere I can slow down and relax is high on my favorite’s list.

What is your favorite sound and why?
Crickets and an open window in the summer. Drowned out ambience when I leave my headphones on after a song or album ends. Nice harmonies. The list goes on and on but the common thread is a sound that is familiar and comfortable.

Where else can we find you on the web?

Interested in being part of this growing network of SoundCloud Heroes?
Read the program details here and apply at the link at the bottom of the post.

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