David SoundCloud Global Meetup Day May 17th: Get Involved!

As many of you might already have heard, May 17th is our 4th annual Global Meetup Day! We want to see you there!

Sound brings people together. Sound forms connections and sound breaks down barriers. SoundClouders are spread all over the globe and that’s what makes this community of sound creators so amazing and unique. You’re the best and you should celebrate yourself on May 17th when it’s time for another SoundCloud Global Meetup Day. Save the date!

 Still wondering how to get involved? It is simple!

  1. Find your #scmeetup in your city here: Meetup.com/SoundCloud – if you do not find one there, you can create one (here is some info on how to do that)!
  2. Sign up for the meetup using Twitter, Facebook or creating a Meetup profile.
  3. Help plan or promote your meetup! You can use Facebook, Twitter or your blog to promote the meetup in your city. Remember to use the hashtag #scmeetup when you can.

Some notable Meetups that are being planned so far:

 United States – hosted by SoundCloud Heroes:

San FranciscoAustinBostonSeattleLos AngelesSyracuseChicago


IstanbulBerlinSalt Lake CityTokyoHong KongSingaporeTorontoMadridPerthBuenos Aires & so many more cities!!

So, will we see you on May 17th? Let us know in the comments or tweet us (@SoundCloud) using the hashtag #scmeetup & we will broadcast your Meetup!

If you have any questions or want to know more how you can get involved please feel free to email meetups [at] soundcloud [dot] com !

5 thoughts on “SoundCloud Global Meetup Day May 17th: Get Involved!

  1. Anonymous

    Yes there is one in Pittsburgh on May 16th http://www.meetup.com/Soundcloud/Pittsburgh-PA/672762/

  2. Ssét

    It doesn’t seem many know about it but Moorpark (Ventura County, LA) is going to be hosting one. On May 18th (we couldn’t get the 17th to work.) http://www.meetup.com/Soundcloud/Moorpark-CA/674812/?ed=where 

    Hope some of you can join us!

  3. 1U Rackmount LCD

    A little thing can make
    such a big positive difference Thanks to everyone for participating on this
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    get together all across the world on the same day. I agree with your opinion
    and wish success for every heart.