David The Next SoundCloud

Today is a special day for us and we’re so thrilled to finally be able to share with you what we’ve been working on for a while:

Next SoundCloud, meet the Community. Community, meet Next SoundCloud, the next phase of our mission to unmute the web.

Since 2008, we’ve been focused on building the best social sound platform on the web. Today, SoundCloud has grown to over 15 million with more interests and needs of SoundCloud. With Next, we are taking a first step to reflect this. What you can expect from Next:

See more:

  • A more interactive waveform player
  • A simpler and more attractive profile
Share more:
  • New reposts let your friends, fans and followers repost your sounds and sets for others to hear
  • Real-time notifications to keep you up-to-date the second something happens
Hear more:
  • Play your sounds continuously: press play, explore and keep listening
  • Forget playlists. Sets let you build collections of sounds you like in one Waveform
Find more:
  • Easier and more intuitive navigation, including keyboard shortcuts
  • New search with faster, better results and search suggestions

The Next SoundCloud will be available in a private beta immediately. Learn more and request access here:


We will be gradually rolling out access to Next and plan to use the beta to make updates and add additional features to Next based on your input. As always, we’re listening, so please use the feedback form in the About section. We can’t wait to hear what you say.

And finally, thank you to Snoop Dogg for the amazing congratulatory voice message:

69 thoughts on “The Next SoundCloud

  1. sunnybear

    Awesome news. SoundCloud keeps getting better. Congrats on this significant update!

  2. Subfader Subfader

    Fix the HTML5 player first? http://blog.soundcloud.com/2012/01/26/html5-widget/

  3. bobobobo

    html5 player sucks!!!
    There is no way to adjust the volume.
    CPU usage is above 90% in Firefox and above 60% in Chrome.
    It automatically switches to share page after track has been played to an end.

  4. InsomAthens

    I clicked the button “try the new soundcloud” and it cannot be done now cause its too many people. Anyway, after checking the new profile, it would be easily switch back to the old one?
    Will it be a standar for ALL soundcloud users?
    The most annoying thing is the “repost” button , I think most of the people will overreact in this one and every day I ll have their tunes in my dashboard.

  5. David Noël

    Hey thanks for signing up for the beta. You’re now added to the wait list and we will gradually roll out invites over time. Stay tuned :)

    Good call on offering a way to link back to current SoundCloud. We will implement that. Thanks also for your input on reposts which we will take into consideration.

  6. Martijn Kerkhof

    Hi since I know there are developers listening in on these comments I would like to say something about the stats.

    It bugs me that I can’t see where my plays are coming from. I am a hobby musician with a couple of releases and basically; I do my own marketing. I would really like to know:
    – Where do play come from (soundcloud, facebook, music forums)
    – Are people reposting my tracks on facebook or other places.

    Now I know these features are available in the Pro version. But I have a Solo account. A Pro account, for me, is a terrible overkill in space and yes, the price is quite steep too for one person barely making money of music… I think there are a lot of musicians around nowadays that are in the same position and are doing a DIY sort of approach (yay internet!) .

    Therefore: I think this feature is wrongly placed under a Pro account. I think Pro account features (stats concerned) could be more in the line of: How long do people listen to tracks, skipping or listening entirely (so showing interest instead of a dumb click). If a webdomain has these sort of statistics by default a shift to the
    Solo account for this information might be more realistic ;) and more importantly, I
    think this coincides more with the modern musician

    Don’t get me wrong, soundcloud is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time as an independant musician, but I’m feeling kind of in a limbo of being ‘not quite professional’ enough.

    Just wanted to say this, had been bugging me for a while now :)

  7. atoda k.

    i’ve had pro account for a year and that feature (where your plays are coming from) is not working at all. it shows source of 3 plays out of 50 plays man. and i agree, it should be fixed first, then added to the lower accounts, and plus, the prices are robbery at the moment. lower prices for pro and pro plus would be good. and the spammers (useless followers who go up to 2000 limit n drop then go again u know what i mean) should be taken care of, and groups are useless at the moment so we need more useful groups, not the ones having 70000 tracks spammed inside. everybody trying to promote themselves via comments or spam follows are spam messages or spamming the groups doesn’t make a cool community. so there should be a way to engage more LISTENERS than producers inside soundcloud so you can handle the business side a bit more and less percentage of ppl will be spamming, which requires a bit (not much) more customized profile (remember the april 1 joke u made?) and in my settings i need to check way more than 3 checkboxes that defines my position in the music. BY THE WAY a better player or even an chrome,itunes(maybe spotify aswell) plug-in, add-on would make the site even more useful, more into our lives, and how do you think you can beat mixcloud in terms of distrubiting mixes? or you don’t plan to? let us know whats the relation between soundcloud and mixcloud

  8. Ben S6

    DEFINITELY NEED TO ADD THE SPOTLIGHT FUNCTION BACK!I pay for two pro plus accounts, one for my record label & one for my artist page.As a record label we’re trying to promote the current releases but sometimes upload unreleased or older songs for people to listen & there is no way to organise.My old artist page’s spotlight consisted of 2 sets, one for releases & one for mix tapes and dj sets from myself. (See attached image)Now this is not possible and all my tracks and sets are jumbled into the newest upload first :-S which I definitely don’t want! It also makes it hard to distinguish whats for sale & what is just a dj mix.Everything now seems a little big also, again the old spotlight condensed a couple of sets nicely containing quite a few tracks without having to scroll etc…I don’t mind the design & layout but as long as it doesn’t go anymore in the direction of “MySpace” or “Timeline” with profile banners & custom colours etc… The good thing about SoundCloud was it was clean and easy to navigate, because everyones page had the same design. Just don’t go getting all ‘animated GIF’ on us…
    Also the right hand side column seems a little buggy when scrolling in latest version of Chrome for Mac OSX. Seems to lag a little.My 2 cents…Cheers Ben.

  9. Eight Invader

     I absolutely agree! I think the layout is now way too complex, and seems like a desperate try to be fancy.. It was perfectly easy to navigate, because, as you say, the design was so clean and clear.
    Also the side columns seem to lag..
    So, yeah, I’m not a very big fan of all this new stuff. Changes (or “improvements”) are fair enough, but please don’t mess up this great page.

  10. Dragontheory

    I have been a member from the early days…. You can not seriously be considering this as a replacement for “SETS”? One long waveform? You are killing me… seriously!!! its horrible!!!! I have almost 100 pieces of music posted for my business … SETS are a vital service and function of what I pay for….. AND!!! I no longer have the option to set the SETS page as what people see when they first see my homepage… THIS SUCKS!!!! 

  11. Mario Freier

    This is just for “sorry” fucking ipad and iphone user’s. I definately done enjoy it and like Ben S6 sayed here, there are alot stuff that im miss to. I hope we can go back to old one. Thanks anyway for the try with new changes.

    Im for the old one.

  12. Anonymous

    Repost = Spam. I will eventually end up listening to the same tracks, as I’m following many users that follow the same users I follow.

    New player = impossibile to read comments (especially if there are answers)

    WHERE THE HELL HAVE SETS GONE? This is unbelievable!

    I’m not a pro user, but I would be kinda upset if I were using the spotlight feature I’m paying for, and it suddenly disappeared.

    Nice try, but the Next Soundcloud isn’t focused on MUSIC anymore.

  13. EyeSeeSound

    Ok, i’m with the dissenters here. If this is what soundcloud is going then, well, it’s a shame.

    Sets have gone. As in not only gone and replaced with a single waveform holding 12 + songs etc., but also gone from my account so I can’t even look at my sets or amend them, at least not from what I’ve ascertained.

    There doesn’t seem to be a forward/backward button for the sets. Again, if you have to click on the waveform to get to a new song, er, that’s a bit rubbish and doubly so when you put the player in a 300px space for example.

    Share has no options so i’m assuming it is just the one waveform option is it? So does that mean no minimal player? does that mean all player embeds are now your torrid off white colour? hurrah for the the aesthetic of our sites if that is the case.

    And without the minimal player we’re going to cancel our paid for subscription because that’s the only player we like aesthetically and why we are paying.

    All songs in my account, including sets, are bunged into a single interminable page. Thanks for that, makes browsing them a joy. Page jumps meant that songs were contained in manageable chunks.

    reading comments means you now have to repeatedly look left and right in order to find a comment to hover over it then go and read them comment. bring on those neck aches. swish move there.

    You know, soundcloud at its core is an amazing idea but the kind of dysfunctional role out of the html5 player, which is truly aesthetically clunky and unappealing, kind of suggested you guys may have been losing the plot a bit. There were loads of calls for an html5 minimal player but instead of doing that you were fixing something that wasn’t broken because you think what? You need to be a social network site? Please. You’re going to kill yourself because soundcloud isn’t about social networking, it’s about artists utilising a great hosting and distribution tool.

    And as for html5 players, check out bandcamps. it is elegant and works and aesthetically pleasing and gives you choice. 

    Currently unimpressed and if the minimal player goes, so does our account. 

    Shame, the basic idea of soundcloud is so…. sound.

  14. Matthew Davis

    Listing the Sets as a single waveform is really unintuitive. I hadn’t even realized that Sets were still available until I read Dragontheory’s comment below.

    We need to be able to organize our pages, and be able to keep Sets spotlighted as the first thing newcomers see, like we can in the current Soundcloud design. I want newcomers and followers to be able to find everything quickly and easily, without having to browse through an endless scrambled dashboard just to find everything, and I keep all my work organized in Sets for this exact reason.

    There needs to be an obvious button for accessing profile/account settings/likes/etc. It isn’t immediately apparent that the user icon leads to these options, especially when everything else on the navigation bar has a button appearance. Having a dark shadow appear on the three buttonless icons is also kind of pointless, when the navigation bar itself is dark — I can  barely see the shadowing, as the rest of Soundcloud’s interface is a contrasting bright white. A better decision would be to lighten the button when highlighted, and then darken it when selected.

    I do appreciate the simplicity of Soundcloud Next’s appearance. Unfortunately, its _functionality_ is a downgrade. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, just make it roll more smoothly.

  15. Anonymous

    I’ll second that. It looks nice, but the new functionalities are an upsetting downgrade. I love the current SoundCloud just because of its simplicity.

  16. Eric Söderberg

    Way too much space is given to the “follows & likes” column on the right hand side. Hell, it’s wider than the “bio” column on the left side. More prominence should be given to “me” and my tracks (in my case mixes) than to who I follow! Seriously. 
    Also if displayed on a low res display the width of the waveform suffers since the right column is static. Not cool.

  17. Eric Söderberg

    Oh, I do like that you can navigate away from a track you’re playing and still listen to it while browsing SoundCloud.
    Oh 2, are you planning on integrating groups into the beta soon? I can get to it via classic mode, and hope y’all aren’t planning on doing away with groups entirely. 
    My two Ohs.

  18. Eight Invader

     absolutely true! they focused so much on the new social aspects, that the music is left behind.. nobody needs this facebook/twitter-like social shit!

  19. osch

    Yes the new comment design is hard to use. I click on one of my own song to read the comments, but its to read all at once. And as denny99 says if there’s replays it’s impossible. 

    I just found out that if I scroll over the small comment-area the whole list will appear… hidden functions is not the way to go. 

  20. BlueSwan

    OK, there are plenty of problems with these changes and I feel it is important to address these as I’ve previously witnessed a once SUPERB danish music website (mymusic.dk) change everything that was great about it and essentially dying out as a direct result. I would hate for the same to happen to soundcloud.

    1) Soundcloud is primarily used by ARTISTS. Artists want control over their page. Artists typically want people visiting their site for the first time to see their finest works – not the old demo they put up last night. Likewise, the visitors want to be exposed to said artists best work – not the old demo. The whole timeline concept stinks. It belongs in the world of social media, not in the world of presentation of music. Next Soundcloud needs to give the artists the opportunity to fully control what the visitors see on the first page. That’s why it is a travesty that Spotlight isn’t a part of NEXT (at least not yet). Also, when you hopefully DO reinstate Spotlight drop the limit of 5 items. Let the artist decide how many items to display, or at least make the limit larger (say 10 items).

    2) Pages beats endless scrolling every time. Pages also has the advantage that they let the visitor know how many there are in total.

    3) Groups are a must. Its one of the best features of Soundcloud. For a new artist it is one of the only ways to get heard (by someone you can’t spam on Facebook).

    4) For both the current Soundcloud and NEXT, please make the Dashboard more costumizable. For instance maybe I want to follow UserA’s new tunes, but not UserA’s favourites (he makes quality tunes, but has poor taste), but I DO want to follow UserB’s favourites, but NOT his tunes (since he has impeccable taste, but can’t produce decent tunes). Costumization creates dedication. Give users more freedom and they’ll spend much more time on the site.

    5) Make it possible to follow groups on the dashboard.

    6) Soundcloud generally lacks a common frontpage where new artists can gain exposure somehow. This is what the old mymusic.dk did so well. I’m not saying that concept should be copied, but there are plenty of possibilities for doing something cool here.

    7) One-waveform sets are a no-go. Really, just forget about it. Let it go. It was fine the way it was. Sets worked like a charm. Don’t hold on to an idea that may have sounded cool but JUST DOESN’T WORK. Trust me – and everybody else in this thread – on this one.

  21. Dwnsampla

    first off, respect to soundcloud for trying to move forward in a positive way. with that being said, i’ll have to agree w everything that BlueSwan stated. the new soundcloud LOOKS cool but the old soundcloud IS cool. soundcloud does need to reach out to more listeners, but first and foremost it is a community of artists who make and share the music. since the change I have noticed tons of blogs, labels, and websites posting tunes to the feed. this to me bites. i think i can speak for most clouders that we want to hear music made by the independent artists and not see this go mainstream. labels, blogs, and websites are great as they support us but not if that becomes the soundcloud norm.

    the bio has been completely swept aside. what’s up ? it is a very important part of self promotion. the links have been pushed to the bottom and the type is faded. def don’t get this. we gotta have the bio. people wanna know about the artist’s and not have it be off in the bottom corner somewhere.

    i agree w sets. the mono waveform thing is cool but if your going to offer it, then keep the sets too.

    the new format is actually very hard to navigate.

    also friends and followers need to be in alphabetical order again and what happened to the search function ? i spent 20 minutes trying to find one of my followers and only found him luckily through the feed and then only after spending another 10 minutes endlessly scrolling.

    so far the negatives far outweigh the positives to the changes, please go back to the drawing board and either redo or make alot of needed changes to the format.

    please re-consider, soundcloud. especially for yourselves to remain a face for music on the web.

  22. Hypersleep

    People are being really negative in these comments. It’s a BETA, guys. If there’s something you don’t like or want to see changed or added, give SoundCloud constructive feedback!

  23. Anonymous

    Oh, and I haven’t tried the “Next” upload thing yet. Has anybody tried it?

  24. Wilfrules4ever

    Is it just me who can’t find all of an artists songs? I have to go back to old soundcloud to find them. Also don’t like the long waveform playlist thing and the lack of spotlight.

  25. James Welch

    Hi All, Jami here from the SoundCloud community team.Thanks for all of your comments and concerns, this beta test of Next was opened up earlier than what is typical in order for the platform to be shaped by your feedback, so it’s all greatly appreciated.That being said, Next SoundCloud is in beta, and so is a work in progress. Some existing features are yet to be added, including Spotlight, Stats, and Groups. Other functionality will change during the beta based on testing and user feedback. We’ll be adding more of the existing features as well as more exciting new features while The Next SoundCloud is in beta.

    If you have any more feedback or comments on the beta, please send us a message using the feedback form on site, as this will make it easier for it to be tallied up with comments of other users and passed on to the team. You can bring up the form by clicking ‘Info’ in the header.

  26. Amon Barth

    1) = Very good point. 
    2) = Maybe true 
    3) Yes! Yes and Yes! … and i would love to see the “comment” section in some groups more active … maybe there is a way to make it more attractive … i seldom the a Soundcloudgroup with a real discussion. And, as mentioned in 5) there MUST be a way to organize groups … i`m member of too many … and i would love to choose some easy to find favorite groups. 
    4) True! Very good point!  Even if that means that some people will only follow my likes :)))) 
    5) Again: Yes please! 
    6) I don`t care, but sounds like a good point as well. 
    7) I liked the idea of “one-waveform” sets … 

    Sorry for the not perfect english… 
    Greetings & good luck with NEXT.SC 

  27. Meerdat

    Ok just on NEXT a few days now…

    Couple of points…

    1. Where is my spotlight? :(
    2. To hard to read a conversation posted on a song (it is possible, but way to difficult)
    3. I dont really like the design of the new waveform.. Looks like its under water with some comments floating on it…

  28. Chadphoenix Damnationsplague

     Does anyone know if there is a way to Un-try the next soundcloud? I’ve tried it and I hate it and from what I’ve been reading everyone else doesn’t like it too much either…but I don’t think the ppl at soundcloud are even going to listen and change it anyway…guess it will be time for someone to make a new social music and artist site

  29. Anonymous

    We’re all worried about how the Next Soundcloud will be, and you’re spamming?

  30. Etheric Loopz

    1. “Join the Next SoundCloud! You have an exclusive invite to be part of the beta.”
    – No thanks!
    2. “We will improve the Upload function so that the uploading of every new song doesn’t fuck up 9 times out of 10”
    – Yes please!!! 

    Excuse the fuckin’ French but this has been going on for too many months and I’ve got a paid account, not a free one so I guess it’s pretty ok to rant about it.

    Rhetorical question: How am I supposed to get hyped about “the Next Soundcloud” if I’m having trouble with the current one since last year?

    Thanks and best of luck.

  31. Guest

    Agreed! Might add one point on statistics. Make it way more versatile. as an example; “Who’s been listening to what how many times and when” etc, any relationship between song, listener (follower, non-follower, followed, …), time played, times played and all other variables in the data should be easily cross-referenced and nicely presented via simple querie input. 

  32. Martijn Kerkhof

    I have about 30 songs up and have absolutely no trouble uploading. Are you behind a WIFI router? I seriously think this has to do with either browser or internet connection. So try Chrome or Firefox and check connection would be my advice!

  33. Martijn Kerkhof

    Don’t worry; this was staring me in the face on the next;

    ‘Don’t worry if some of your favorite features like Stats and Spotlight
    are currently missing, we’ll be adding those soon. You can return to Classic SoundCloud at any time.’

    Spotlight will return! I do hope they rethink the sets though!

  34. Art Beat Smith

    I like your enthusiasm, thanks :]

    The connection is cable on 10MBit/2MBit DL/UL
    I use SoundCloud mostly on Firefox and Chrome, when this problem occurs I always try them both + Opera + Safari, still no better result :]

  35. Lex

    Another agree. fix this soundcloud, if not I will defo find somewhere else and will not renew my membership. 

  36. Jazford72

     My page is an utter and confusing mess and I hate this new look, how do you go back to the old one please?, I can’t even find the drop down menu you are talking about.