Global Meetup Day: In Review

Global Meetup Day: In Review

Two weeks ago SoundClouders across the globe came together in their cities to connect over their love of sound! You collectively organized over 160 meetups and there were thousands of attendees who got first access to Next SoundCloud for attending the meetup. What does this mean? It is simple: you guys rock!

There were tons of amazing activities that happened on Global Meetup Day! Let’s take an adventure across the globe and revisit some highlights together starting with our SoundCloud Heroes:

Los Angeles

In LA, Will Coley and Matt Flynn (two of our SoundCloud Heroes) recorded a great podcast highlighting why people love sound. They recorded throughout the meetup that was held at a biergarten to honor SoundCloud’s German roots! Prost!


Our Syracuse hero and creator of One Hello World wrote a blog recap of their meetup and made an amazing storywheel showcasing the event.


Jaime Black, our Chicago SoundCloud hero did a great job along with the Chicago SoundCloud network to create and host GMD this year at Music Garage. Jaime created a storywheel, podcast below and there is a great video as well.


Our Boston hero Tea Leigh, recorded attendees and asked them “why do you love sound.”

San Francisco
San Francisco’s Global Meetup Day took place at Hangr 16, a local clothing and art space in the Mission district. Find out how to get involved for next events here.

Listen to SoundCloud Hero Nicole’s recording at the event to welcome meetup attendees.

Zefora, our Portland SoundCloud Hero had a meetup at the Lucky Labrador. The result of the meetup was creating a group called PDX Sound where events and updates will be posted here. In fact, they’re hosting another meetup tonight, Thursday at 7 PM at the Lucky Labrador again! Come on down.

Tim, Austin SoundCloud Hero and local Austin community came together at a cafe for a jam session. Listen to a sample of what was created below with equipment like the Maschine, AKAI and more.

Our Seattle Hero Alison organized the meetup at the Intiman Theatre, where it was an interactive discussion of how to use SoundCloud and create goals for the Seattle SoundCloud community. They also had a live webcast.


With over 200 attendees the night came alive with a special surprise demo of #nextsoundcloud by SoundCloud CEO Alexander Ljung plus a talk about community by David Noel our resident Community Evangelist.


The London Meetup took place in SoHo – Meetup attendees made their very own customized SoundCloud jackets! DIY and F-U-N! The meetup was led by power user Oliver Sadie and Purple PR.


The Singapore meetup was spearheaded by Fernando Gros, a composer/photographer and musician Marcus Wong. Alex Romualduz wrote a great recap of the event and here is a highlight:

“Graham Perkins of the Singapore Music Society takes the stage to discuss with all of us the role of SGMUSO and Music Matters in the future of the local and Asia-wide music scene in relation to the international industry. Pushing for international collaboration, he urges all musicians to work together, to create, and to support one another.”


The Oxford meetup kicked off with a live collaboration set from Digital Creatives Oxford. Performers included electronica by Jim Gwilliam, improvisation by Malcolm Atkins, Soundcloud dropbox mix using Praxis software by Neil C Smith, then joined by Malcolm Atkins again. It was a noisy night in Oxford!

Digital Creatives Oxford also wrote a great recap of their meetup here.

Around the World!

Meetup smiles in Minneapolis!

The Sao Paolo Meetup had some original beats!

Pittsburgh producer K1NGP!N presented one of his original tracks to the Pittsburgh group for SoundCloud Global Meetup Day.

Thank you!!

It’s truly amazing to see and hear what happens when members of our community get together. As always, a huge shout out to everyone who took part in May’s Global Meetup Day! Thank you for sharing your stories with us and we can’t wait to see what you create next time.

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