David Tea(m) Time with Peter Brodsky

Today we have the honor of welcoming Peter Brodsky to the team. Peter will be joining us in Sofia and I asked him a few questions about his new role at SoundCloud and about his life in general. First, meet all the new SoundClouders who are joining the team in Sofia below in their audio “hello” then let’s get to know Peter better.

Hi there Peter! Thanks for the interview- can you say “hi” to everyone in your native language?

fprintf(stdout, “Hello, world!\n”); but that’s a little formal. Nowadays, most people just say printf(“Hello, world!\n”);

How did you get introduced to SoundCloud?

I found SoundCloud through a band that I love that released their last single via SC.

What is your role at SoundCloud?

We haven’t settled on a title yet. I proposed Director of Cool Stuff but my guess is that’s how most people at SoundCloud feel.

What is your favorite sound?

Spring crickets and frogs.

What sound do you hate?

A mosquito in my ear in the night in the dark. Obviously.

If you had 3 words to describe yourself, what would they be?

Pilot, sailor, entrepreneur.

What’s your favorite word?


How is it working at such an International and diverse office?


If you could say that you are passionate about anything, what would it be?

Deriving happiness from life.

Why do you think someone should apply to SoundCloud?

There are only a handful of companies in existence that will have a real impact on the world and still offer their employees a real opportunity to contribute. SoundCloud is one of those companies.

What do you like most about living in Sofia?

The adventure of living in a foreign country, speaking a foreign language and working in a foreign culture.

What are your favorite sounds on the cloud?

So, do you have any fun facts you would like to share?

I started programming when I was 10 on an old Apple IIc. I dropped out of middle school, graduated college with high honors but then dropped out again, this time from a PhD program. I speak several languages, and I know a respectable number of bad jokes. Here’s one of them: a baby seal walks into a club.

Thanks for the great interview! You can find Peter on SoundCloud below.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/peter_brodsky


  • Pavel Nikolov

    Do you have an office in Bulgaria? Or this is just a remote member of your team working from Sofia?

  • Aleksandar Tanchev

     We do actually.

  • Smartass

     “First, meet all the new SoundClouder’s who are joining” shouldnt it be “SoundClouders” ?

  • Dot onHudson

    soo nice to meet you audioly. refreshing. the best of luck on your projects..