Jami SoundCloud Unmutes Pinterest

At SoundCloud we love to help you share your sounds, and be heard everywhere. The ability for your sounds to be integrated into other platforms and services plays a large part of this, which is why we’re excited to announce that your sounds can now be ‘pinned’ on Pinterest!

Pinterest enables users to create virtual pinboards of their favourite things; photos, sketches, websites, and now sounds! Other users’ pinboards can then be explored, and followed, great for discovering new content online.

When you pin a sound on Pinterest, it’s artwork will be displayed alongside your other pins, and the SoundCloud HTML5 widget will launch when the pin is clicked, perfect for listening whilst you browse. Shared sounds are fully attributed, and link back to their page on SoundCloud, so creators will always be credited.


To pin a sound you can either use Pinterest’s ‘Pin It’ bookmarklet, or copy the URL of the sound you want to share onto the site.

(As a bonus, if you’re using our Next SoundCloud private beta, you can even pin a sound directly from its share button on SoundCloud!)

We hope you have fun with SoundCloud and Pinterest. Happy pinning!

  • Nice idea!!!

  • Way to think outside the box, guys!

  • Just tried it, and it doesn’t seem to be working for me

  • træder på lego

    Dad Rocks! rocks!

  • Heidi

    Love it!

  • Kamran Mackey

    Can someone please send me a invite for The Next Soundcloud PLEASE? I’m sick and tired of waiting. Someone send me a invite at kamranm1200@gmail.com!!!!

  • What’s the difference between this and say Tumblr or any other blog?

  • riky

    nahhh man its average.. ive switched back

  • Medievil-Music

    people cant you get it ?? thousands of soundcloud tracks released every day , this network will collapse sooner or later , hope the soundcloud owners read this , the maximum number of users and tracks will need a maximum number of space and this will raise the prizes , sometimes they will cancel the free accounts feature , thats bad im sure , but soundcloud will end up just like the GodBlessed IMEEM© network did, who remembers that name ?.. . . .

  • Bill Brewster

    It’s/its. Please learn the difference.

  • the benedicts

    http://soundcloud.com/thebenedicts Indie/Alternative/Post Punk revival Rock band The Benedicts formed in Batumi, Georgia in 2009. With 5 band members (Vocals, 2 Guitars, Keyboards, Bass and Drums).

  • djrikston

    can someone send me a invite for this plz

  • djrikson

    did you get a invite mate if so can you send me a invite plz im on soundcloud dj rikston aka rikki j

  • Kamran Mackey

    I did but I can’t invite you. There is no way to. Sorry and riky, I’m not switching back to the Old SoundCloud. It sucks.

  • Kamran Mackey

    Odd, works for me.

  • George

    Nice idea ..

  • jim

    i switched back too. its wack

  • once you sign up watch the video on how to pin items

  • Sabelo
  • Khalil
  • kwstas tozhs


  • Griffen Gibson

    very interesting. good wat to share my music:)

  • Griffen Gibson


  • Jimi Trujillo

    Don’t seem to be attracting many hits, on this site, seem to be doing well on Fandalism–Reverbnation–The Spotlight Zone–Myspace–YouTube–is there anything I can do to improve his on this Site?

  • Juan

    Buena, pero lástima que el botón directo sólo sea por medio de pago

  • Sooner or later you will realize that , believe me i was almost on every musician based sites , IMEEM© and SoundSX.co , btw go search for the iLike Network and tell me whats happened (*_^)

  • they will be all gone man believe me , there is a point in any site , when the owner realize that he wont upgrade unless he grant more sizes and servers , they will run out of space believe me , iv tested that , and without warnings your all works will be gone , iv lost my 100 on imeem , and the full archive of me i was 4 years uploading it on iLike.com , once upon a time i opened the site and they told me that they sold the server for MYspace ! its a huge mess . ..

  • Anonymous

    great job, as i suggested months ago ;


  • mizan mir’at


  • Breenchuu De Boulogne

    Hola Are.!!! Soii Nueva Aca :D

  • Omi “OMTHEDOME” Dreamer

    This is dope ! ! !

  • So convenient ! !

  • RuthlessBeatz.Net

    Yeah, thanks

  • NáDo


  • LOVE!

  • Wasup people

  • jayedwards

    follow me im just starting up

  • Liiiiike, thanks!! :-)

  • dj kazed
  • colovalladares

    Esto es nuevo para mí!!!
    A analizar más adelante, voy a escuchar mientras tanto a Colovalladares!!!
    Ta bonito eh!!!
    MI sugerencia es que ponga más canciones!!!

  • Peet Vait
  • AnzahlRecordings

    Ouh Yeah! I Like this. thanks guys!

  • digital-eS
  • Brilliant

  • Brill . . . gonna test it now !