David Be a SoundCloud Community Fellow and Help Us Unmute the Web!

High five to sound creators!

At SoundCloud, we’re continuously striving to unmute the web. Today, we’re looking for leaders to join our mission!

After last year’s inaugural program, today we’re launching our 2nd annual SoundCloud Community Fellowship to support and encourage the best creative minds to express their vision through sound. From mid-August to mid-October 2012, we will support up to 10 Fellows as they pursue a project of their own design using sound as a creative medium.  

So who are Community Fellows? Our Fellows are people who want to be heard, people with a story to tell, pursuing sound projects that cause a visceral reaction in their listeners. Our Fellows aim to make us laugh, cry, or think. They want to inspire and motivate others to follow in their footsteps and express creatively through sound. With SoundCloud’s support, we’ll bring to life the projects you dream up. And together, we’ll demonstrate to the world the compelling nature of sound.  

To get you inspired, here are some categories we are looking to pair with a potential Fellow. If you have ideas for creative sound projects in one of the following categories, please specify this in your project proposal. Feel free of course to also send us your proposals for projects outside of those categories:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Education
  • News & Politics
  • Storytelling

Take a look at the proposal process here and send us your proposals to eliana(dot)sur(at)soundcloud.com pronto. Don’t delay –  it’s a rolling submissions process so the sooner you apply, the better your chances will be of getting the support you request. Final deadline for consideration is 11:59pm Pacific Time on Wednesday July 25, 2012 (UPDATE: deadline extended to July 27, 2012 11:59pm PT). Questions? Email Eliana at eliana(dot)sur(at)soundcloud.com

Alright, let’s do this! We can’t wait to learn about your ideas for creative and engaging sound projects.

UPDATE: the call for entries is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted your project proposals.

  • Jacks House TV and Radio

    nice one !! Gonna have a crack at this :)))))

  • ok im down

  • Nitrogen Coalition

    I get people to think using music by sending subliminal messages. (Uh-oh did I just spill it?

  • hmmmm sounds fun always loved a challenge :)

  • Dan R.o.F


  • awesome! already working on it!!!

  • Voyde

    do we receive complementary gift baskets?

  • KevinKjeih ButtsJR


  • Another opportunity to take.

    Ignoring it could be a great mistake.

    Let’s rock & roll the web with something special.

    Please join our SoundCloud Nation.

  • Maybe it would be easier to have a main driving purpose. This submission and let-you-know-method could be quite a turn-off as it reproduces the submission-process-frustration.

  • Throwdown Kid

    Hey check my music out please!! i always follow back!

  • Angie Raulston

    Been privileged and Blessed to have traveled the world and soaked in a lot! Check my music page and let me know what you think of what I’ve created… THANKS! Religion, arts and culture, education, politics and storytelling all here: http://www.soundcloud.com/joerich

  • TitoDiran

    Good day my fellow fellows, I would be honoured to have you listen to a few of my acappella tracks. After venturing within the depths of Thailand for 5 months, I feel that my music and I have been licked with its spicy culture. Please take a moment to listen to my original and cover songs including “Cry of the Sirens” from the book I’m writing and “Bare Necessities” from the Jungle Book.

    My music is all about storytelling, and I hope you enjoy.
    Thank you.
    Tito Diran

  • Jake James-Vogel

    Man, I just decided to stop writing political songs! Too depressing and nobody really listened. I focused on political music for over 3 years, now I am trying to lighten the mood by writing songs about my wife. Too bad there isn’t a fellowship for that.

  • Steve Austin

    I’m in….

    where do I sign up? When can it begin?WhY? Y Z! representing!who Who whooHow many times Can I submit?



  • Frau Heidi

    I would honour to be a Fellow Soundclouder & participate in the project. I’ve retired my piano accordion & now live on Soundcloud. Check me out on http://soundcloud.com/frauheidi always welcome feedback. Cheers everyone from Sydney

  • KizaSozayBeatz

    hay this is a grate idea check out my soundcloud page @

  • Rutcut Catrat

    Genius, in any guise.

  • Artie Q

    Great idea; wrote a book in 2006, Artie Q’s Guide To Moving In LA (UK Techno Head heads to LA to take the music world by storm. Instead he becomes a mover!) and this program has just given me the impetus to record it as an audiobook. Nice—Here I go! Thanks, CFP http://bit.ly/f0YfJN

  • Ray Tha Don

    Check out my sound cloud im an very talented artist from Nyc that focuses on my story telling and song writing. Enjoy & Follow up im always putting out great music. http://snd.sc/PxFTqt

  • Hey I’m a Dj and produccer, I hope you like my mix’s and tracks… Thanks for hear me

  • hi my name is thomas weaver aka blaklyte beats, i am an retired army veteran . i deployed to bosnia,macedonia,and iraq(3). i was medically retired due to an accident that ended my career. i was diagnosed with ptsd and tbi (post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. i live a live of depression and aggression. music has always been there for me through my rough and good times. everyday is a struggle for me at times. i was wondering are there any veterans or just people who have found music as an inspiration,a cure when things go wrong or good. and i would like to propose a show called inspiration to show others how music has lifted them and carried tghem and even comforted them through good and bad times. blaklyte beats@soundcloud.com

  • Roan Song

    Sounds like a great project – time for people to get out their field mics, by the sound of it. (Note the conspicuous absence of self-promotion in this comment)

  • tripletrain gonna do it

  • neato!

  • Kiara

    Your not alone! Although I’m no war veteran, music has helped me through an abusive teenage hood and I have to say music was my ultimate outlet and release of all the anger and depression I had as well as helped me find confidence!

  • psychedelic state

    My name is Rob, aka Psychedelic State, i am a 25 yo mixed genre producer trying to create my own unique sounds and blends of genres and always pushing the boundaries into new and creative ideas with production. I hope to bring awareness to the world through my music of the deceptions our governments are putting before us.

  • Rob
  • Hi, Carfie here :). Undying love for making music has brought me to soundcloud a year ago but meanwhile some complications came up. I lost hearing in my left ear. Still after 15 years of creating its just simply impossible to stop. Although it took some months I am glad that I am back on track and WANT to create something out of nothing again, even if its in mono. So to all the creators out here, never stop doing what you love, no matter what. Keep up the creativity!


  • check out my dubstep mixes


    im SEEDGE from Montreal, Canada and i make music for the purpose of calm and peaceful escapism. http://www.soundcloud.com/seedge gaze with me

  • Ronneca

    I feel it could be of all of the above –check this out, a story about every day people, the hardships of trying to make it in society today with different back grounds, cultures, races, beliefs, etc. Raising children, taking a family member in whom is dying of cancer–they die in your arms-trying to keep the family together through tough times, having older children and a younger child like starting all over again, having child /children being of one race and one that is bi-racial, being the mentor for a family member whom has drug/alcohol addictions-never giving up on them–watching that family member create a better life for themselves-excepting their good and bad days, trying to keep your older children on the right path in life with their relationships when they have your grandchildren, finding a way to stand up for one or more of your children whom have disabilities, bipolar aggressive issues etc. Trying to deal with being an older person dating a younger person while juggling all this in a relationship-Wanting to do better for your family but can’t seem to find the right way to do it–life keeps knocking you down-worrying if a certain president will get elected and knowing that all it takes is one wrong vote and the world is doomed, then being older and having so many people dependant on you and you only want to do something in your life and that is start a band–juggling all this just to do one thing that you want so bad–knowing it may not come true because everyone else needs you more–Never giving up on your dreams–being inspired by other musicians and knowing that you are a fighter and you will succeed, just not knowing how–this is all about me and would be an awesome statement for reality–music inspired me to want to let others hear what the good lord gave me and I will be in a band someday soon–watch for me–you have just been inspired–always remember, no matter how bad it gets, you have the strength within you to get to where you need to be-Never give up on your dreams–with love Ronneca

  • alber
  • Franklin


    i m a young french musician and i would like to share with you my music , my style , my life ! enjoy :)

  • vaughn


    Im Grizzzly Allen, an unknown 18 year old rapper just trying to get known, simple as that. Click on the link above and check me out.

  • Monkstak

    Hey, im TheMonkeeh, check out my stuff, id really appreciate it!! Follownme on twitter and instagram @TheMonkeeh! Thank you!

  • Hey out there, My name is Glenn aka The bassman, i really love music, i cant live with out it, i play bass and have don it in al most Half of my life, im listen to heavy metal and it get my mind clear when i cant mad or sad, i am maniodepressiv, so music have help alot to get through some bad thing in my life, my favorit metal band is Metallica, and there music have help me many time from do some bad things, so the only things i can say now is, that with out music i would propberyl not be a live.

    ps sorry about my bad english ;)

  • hey thomas
    i know about depression after a deployment in bosnia.
    I was also there as a soldier and understand what you talk about.
    My career finished in 1999 after an accident too.
    Before and after this Lifepart the music always was my nurse and medicine,which healed my Soul.

    Peace Steff

  • Hi I’m Pete. From a little city called Montreal. I take my city and translate it to sound. This is what comes out. soundcloud.com/PeteWarning

  • My name is Etienne, also known as the underground Chem-FX. We all have different interpretations of what music should be. That doesn’t mean any certain genre is wrong. Everyone has a favorite. For me, it’s either Dubstep or Folk Rock. Just because someone is into a certain genre of music doesn’t mean you hate them. For instance, I don’t hate Justin Bieber for his music, nor his voice. It’s his own style, his own interpretation. Thank you for reading this, and here is a link to my SoundCloud. (I don’t have any tracks yet)


  • Hello, my name is Nico Østergaard, im 17 and has been active in almost 8 years with music.

    Ever since my love for music passed through me, i had nothing to do but to hunt it down, i wanted answers for what it could bring me.

    Now, i’ve discovered that music changed my life, that it offered me a way to express feelings in a whole new type of form.

    Sounds scattered around me when i produce music, that represents what i feel, what i say, and what i do.

    Feel free to check out my projects:



  • Art Basie

    As Jim Jarmusch once said “Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates inspiration”

    think imitation is the greatest form of flattery and I propose an event
    celebrating the various inspirations of our favorite Artists, as well
    as demonstrate how to concealing our true inspirations is kind of
    inhuman…and pointless.

    I call it the project “Forty Thieves”

    There have been several books written on the subject (Sounds Like Teen Spirit: Stolen Melodies, Ripped-Off Riffs, and the Secret History of Rock and Roll) however my concern is not whether they were rip offs, but rather who inspired Elvis Presley, NWA, Daft Punk etc in the hope that we might inspire today’s musical talent.

    This this information has proved invaluable as
    for a long time I put musicians on a pedastool. I think this is an
    unhealthy approach (as far as being creative) as you tend to think
    yourself not worthy to walk the same path as someone you think
    superhuman. I realize now that the most brilliant, wonderfully talented, demi-god like musicians have
    all incorporated other musical influences into they’re styles. And
    there is nothing wrong with that, but lets be honest about it. Here are
    but some; Radiohead, Nirvana, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers etc

    As enjoyable it is to read about this this fascinating side of music history, the full picture is lacking without the music
    so over the course of 2 months we shall embark on a full history of
    music from jazz to dub step, focusing on the unsung heroes our favorite
    musicians stole from (or were inspired by).

    would encourage the online community to send in any suggestions and
    then post all credible findings on a web page – it would be my hope that
    it would continue to be added too for years to come.

    To give you an idea of http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-hit-songs-stolen-from-other-songs.php

    Best regards


  • Liam

    Cut the crap.. im liam im 22 in a few days .. i love music so make music.. check my stuff out. ! liam

  • OverLine

    Hi, i’m Christian Pérez, i’ve been making house music for about 3 months, it’s my pure life, and i would love if you people check what i’ve got, more stuff is coming. Thank you!


  • Roshinaya23

    I’M, ROSHINAYA23, teddy reilly inspired me to produce music, which lead me into a world of creativity in the audio world. I got fed up with my bedroom looking like a spaceship full of patch bays and midi cables. I waited until they perfected the desktop music software, i was on the atari st with cubase 1.0 even reason just came a few years after which was a light of hope. I stayed away from logic for a while, by then and now well i been a vj for the hoxtonpimps and soundcity austria and many more as well. with a degree in interaction design and many other digital skills. which all came via music production now i create sounds or music for my own fun and political, MUSIC IS NOW THE WEPONE OF THE FUTURE, i like any music which is about expression and not about getting rich quick. Oh my old man had a sound system in the uk and Yard.

  • Roshinaya23

    genre freezone thats me.

  • Anonymous

    Soundcloud helps the upcoming artist have a voice in a country that has little to no artist network or labels to help them be heard. Its amazing to have a huge network at your fingertips to help share your talent with the world.

  • Martin Halldin

    Hi! Im MartinHalldin, I make house/Proggressive songs and i love listening to it. I started making chill and lounge music in sequel 2 but i couldn’t get the right synths so i switched to FL where i started of with classical witch slowly envolved into disco/house. and i still use FL. I only upload stuff im really proud of and one of my songs are one of those classical/chill/lounge song i was talking about, I would love to get response on some of the songs at least. Thanks!

  • I too have found a way to make music help me get through most of my childhood and music is the only thing that makes me feel alive. I support your idea!!

  • Dilnus

    Hey d!ckheads. What part of ‘send us your proposals to eliana(dot)sur(at)soundcloud.com’ do you not understand? Leaving your stupid life stories and confessionals in the comments is not going to win you this thing. Derp.

  • you are spot on on what you say. music is what calms everyone down, what unites the world. it is not Macedonia mate, but Fyrom. don’t EVER forget that!

  • The intention is excellent. I think an engine issue may be not a competition but an exchange… Can be In this way.



  • JWT

    I don’t really have much to say that is negative about my life so i guess i’m lucky but all i know is music makes me smile, so i hope my music can do the same for other people, if not then who cares we all know what works for us. I make soulful beats with swung out drum patterns please check it out and let me know what stuff you are making too… RESPECTOPLASM

  • Cam


  • johnhuntermillion

    I WILL BECOME LOUDER WITH EVERY ACTION..just tell me where to go and I’ll do it. :) Hi people blessings!

  • Is it true…. that nothing is original?

    I believe there is a beginning to everything… and that we have to close our eyes and takes blind steps to “see” something new or different. As much as it is possible – I try to avoid the traps of following other artists ideas – the paved out roadways to expression. My goal is to try and carve out my own path using the musical elements and tools that I can find within me.

    I believe music has it’s own life force and that we are all capable of tapping into that life force one way or another… and their are many beneficial outcomes from our exposure and connection to it.

    I would like to think that my music creations are as original as they could be, at least to me…. given that I have taught myself to play and create my own kind of music. Of course, there have been some influences in my life that have resonated in me and then into my music. I certainly have an appreciation for the many great musical talents out there but my mission in life comes from within myself… not from the playing styles or techniques of other artists. I rely on my ear, my heart and my thoughts for guidance. I am not preoccupied with trying to sound like anyone else… other than myself…. and it is this personal voice and expression that I am just starting to get to know.

    I have always been connected to music throughout my life… and this connection has been a creative and lifelong process of self learning with an unending reach of patience.

    Only recently have I been recording my music as a way to document my expressions which are “on-the-spot” and “in-the-moment”. Many of these creative ideas come quickly, but without recording them down right away they fade away and some may never be found again. Soundcloud gave me a place to begin my library of musical thoughts and expressions. In the past, many of my musical ideas have been lost because they were never captured and stored in an audible form.

    Soundcloud was the first place I looked to externally for archiving my creative musical ideas and it is one of the best places to be free with your audible ideas and to share and talk about these ideas with other creative minds.

    Many thanks to you Soundcloud!


  • Lab Of Music

    Hi there :)
    some love for soundcloud and people out there, some peace for the open musical world :)

  • Hey, life’s a bitch for everybody and music is what God has given us to escape together! So rockout and enjoy life!

  • John Vanek

    Hello Soundcloud

    I have just partnered with the arts charity ACAVA to set up music production and animation workshops for people with mental health conditions. These are scheduled to take place in south London in August 2012 and have been commissioned by the borough of Merton.

    This is a project that I would love to see as part of the Soundcloud Community Fellowship.

    Many thanks

    John Vanek

  • Shana Mills

    This is good!!!

  • I sent my song in.

  • Guest

    I tried to set up a studio for young unemployed with the idea that if they could stand behind a mike and play/sing they could easily get through an interview for a job. Through the British new deal/ job seekers set up by govt. that’s when I found out it was all a trick to fool the public that the unemployment figures were down and the whole set up was so incesstual they couldn’t care less about musicians let alone the young unemployed. I lost thousands of pounds of equipment . Yet I still think it a good idea for all school leavers to experience behind the mike. I think it wakens up the real you inside. I riddled with arthritis of the spine since I was nineteen and music has kept me sane. I am a member of SOUPSON/ soundcloud. Now writing classical music thanks to steinberg cubase 6.5 and symphonic orchestra. Better than drugs,drink, but not women although quite a few songs are about them, strange!!!!!! Keep it live and play safe use a plectrum.

  • Brilliant initiative. I’m currently working on my second “audio documentary” using hiphop beats and samples from Fela Kuti weaved together to tell a short story about his life. I don’t know how that might fit here but hey Africa has a story that needs to be told.

  • Zwoekie

    Hi blaklyte beats!
    I’ve been chronicly I’ll for 12 years now due to a surgery gone wrong. I’ve seen all the painkillers you can imagine and still the pains are there. Due to to the long term use of the heaviest painkillers I can’t live without them anymore, you sometimes wonder what’s worse the pain or the “cure”, only there is no cure only pain 24/7 it’s driving me crazy sometimes. I lost a very good job as a software developer and have to live from the little pocket money the government gives me every month. I started creating music again, since it has always been my hobby but due to the handicap on my left arm I couldn’t play any synths let alone a guitar. After 6 years I finally was able to play my synths and use my left arm for tweaking the sounds. Now 12 years later I’m able to play an electric guitar. I can’t have a normal job anymore but I can create music and people love it! Writing music helps me forget the stuff that has happened and has even given me hope to maybe freelance as a composer for documentaries or films, I already have come in contact with companies who are interested. So to answer your question, yes, there are people out there who use writing music as a way to get through the bad times. I’ve found my inspiration in collecting knives and try to come up with a story for a particular knife. I really want to create an album about a Ronin (a samurai who’s master has died) I am trying to get a katana which comes as close to the real thing (or what my wallet permits me) as possible and use my imagination to come up with scenes in my own movie and the tracks I write and produce are the soundtracks for my “imaginary” movie.
    I ask people who create great videos on YouTube or Facebook if I can use their video to create soundtracks for them. It’s all about keeping busy and setting a goal for yourself.
    I wrote a piece about my story and how to compare it with real survival stories in the wild and Mykel Hawke from Man, Woman, Wild even published it on his own blog because the techniques to survive a chronic disease or whatever are the same as they teach the guys for spec ops. If you’re interested visit http://mykelhawke-survivingtogether.blogspot.nl/2012/03/from-fan-survival-at-home.html you can read yourself.
    Music gives me satisfaction and if people like it, the whole process of writing, recording and producing gives me the feeling I can achieve something again after being sick for so long.
    I understand where you’re coming from and music isn’t a magical cure but it sure helps very, very much.
    I was thrown down in a hole but now I have a goal and maybe I can earn some money again with writing music. It’s that important.

    Keep strong mate!


  • Insane.Sketch

    This sounds like fun! I love making music, it breaks me away from reality where I build my own world of sound.

    Insane.Sketch@Soundcloud =D

  • new music everyday check me out this is what i live for

  • juan
  • Dimitri Papastavrou

    Right! FYROM people do in fact inhabit parts of Greek Macedonia but have no claim whatsoever to the cultural heritage of the country. Same thing with the Turks in Anatolia/Hettite Empire present day Turkey.

  • dude i cant say i have struggled like you but I lost my father at 17 and before i was always into music but after he passed on Music has become my life…its the one thing that keeps me going NO MATTER WHAT! I salute you n support your idea! God Bless America my friend! PLUR is my mantra man and your idea is perfect to spread Peace Love Unity and Respect…and isnt that what all music is about…i play edm but in my opinion ALL music fits the raver mantra! Music moves people more than anything in the world! Lets show the world how powerful good music can be and how it can change the world!

  • Riley Smith

    Music is my savior as well Thomas! Stay cool out there! I would recommend to check into your local VET Center. Those people are freaking awesome! As a vet myself who works in these places, it is to me one of the places I feel the safest and able to freely be myself. Good luck brother!

  • andy mack

    I don’t want to make a whole proposal but I just wish soundcloud was searchable by hometown or zip code so I can hear whats going on locally in my area!

  • Christian Delon


  • hello there my fellow veteran i was part of 10MTN division 1st Brigade. i was deployed to Iraq that was something…lost a couple of people there and thanks to them i made it back sad but true. the main reason that i do music is because of them they knew my art and music background and always kept telling me that i had to keep doing it. So when i was kicked out of the army after been accepted to go to ocs(officer candidate school) because of my diffrent conditions(ptsd, tbi, hearing lost etc.) i could continue but for what? annyway i kept making music and art to be abble to deal with the nightmares the flashbacks my anger outburst my panic attacks and in this way i have been abble to deal a little bit easier with the everyday civilian life. I have killed, i was blown up but we still here. hope everything is good with everybody, i would say god bless you all but after what i have done and seen to me god does not exist, so take care.

  • No you were not deployed in Macedonia as this Greek place has not been in conflict since the end of WWII.
    You are most probably referring to the FYROM country with Scopjie as the capital.
    As the veteran you claim to be I would expect you to have a better knowledge of the places you have been deployed to.
    Just clearing up the misinformation, no offense intended.

  • Mr Papastavrou you spread dangerous misinformation.
    I claim to be well educated on this political subject and there’s plenty of modern literature, films, songs etc I can point you to that prove your statement to be false.
    Hit me up and I will be delighted to educate you.
    That’s right!

  • i do it for love Simple

  • Musicabin

    Hi folks, my user name is MusiCabin. 
    Im really thankful to God that i got to see this conversation.  I am also a veteran who suffers badly from ptsd and found my soul again in the music. 
    I still struggle everyday but music is a must for me. I cant really live without it. It really SAVES me every day. 
    I would like to help all of us succeed together. I have opened a blog which lets me post and share my story, my thoughts and my music. This blog is basically generating money for me every day, week and month. I really want to help and let you know, that anyone of you is my brother, if you would like, i will post your music in my blog for FREE to create a wider exposure for you. Matthew Kidman is the one who explained to me about this simple system.  If you would like to post your music for FREE in my blog, or either create a blog like this of your own. I will guide you step by step. Let me help from my past 17 years of experience. Visit my blog and watch Matt’s video so you will understand. It will change your life.  go here http://www.musicabin.com 

  • Musicabin

    Look for MusiCabin on soundcloud too, you can enjoy my music. Waiting to post your music on my blog.

  • Josh Pemberton

    Hi my name is Josh and I’m a 22 year old student at plymouth university england. I am a passionate wannabe actor and script writer but also a keen musician having played the guitar for near three years.

    Growing up I was listening to either my Dads Frank Sinatra albums and by the age of 3 the entire lyrics to luck be a lady were learnt before i could even form a sentence. I also delved into the world of David Bowie as my was and still is a devout fan. As I got older I branched out and started taking an interest in Robbie Williams and a band called Busted. I’ll admit Busted were more for the female market but the fact these were three lads in a boyband playing instruments inspired me a little.

    The in 2004 while at a friend of my dads house I was watching Q television (back when it was good) and Green Day’s video for American Idiot came on and without being too cheesy it changed ,y musical life. I got the album that christmas and had it on repeat constantly. I also didn’t realise they were famous in the nineties and so I collected every album from then and they take pride of place on my CD shelf.

    I got a guitar at nineteen and eventually after bad lessons I decided to teach myself by translating what I did on bass to guitar and have now never looked back. I play any song that I enjoy and that is relatively easy to play so Green Day, Blink 182, Oasis etc make up my covers selection.

    I see my style of songwriting as that of a storyteller who uses life experience but not very often in fact a few songs I wrote have nothing to do with life and are in fact just a story I compose in my head. Most themes are about love gone wrong and sometimes drink,drugs and everything in between. Most of the love gone wrong relate to my horrific train crash of a first relationship as she was neurotic mentally unstable and at eighteen wanted to make a family far too soon for me to handle and so we split.

    Being at uni has inspired me a lot to be free and show people things I want them to see and thanks to the night life I have done a few open mic nights which I find a lot of fun.

    Music to me is that powerful tool which will never die and it’s amazing how a simple chord or riff or even the way a chorus is sung makes a person happy,sad or many varying emotions.

    I’ve seen two divorces, a few loved ones leave and I have met amazing people who I will never forget in a hurry and for some reason I like making a soundtrack to it.

  • I think this is a great idea. ;)

  • Bruce

    Hi there, Bruce here a.k.a. 2B. I’m here for sharing my love for music as an artist. Mainly focused on Rap, RnB and Dance.
    Hope y’all support it.


  • ” I rely on my ear, my heart and my thoughts for guidance.” so do I~~~~~~

  • I guess you have found a paradise in music~

  • Anything I can do to help people with music or audio in general, just let me know.

  • Mic

    I believe that this would be a good idea for multiple reasons. Someone like myself diagnosed with depression anxiety as well as possible mania need a place for me to express myself. A show like this would give hope to those with different kinds of ailments.

  • Danny

    Yes you’re probably right I think he could have been deployed as support for “The insurgency in the Republic of Macedonia”
    (February-Augst 2012, with some predecing and following incidents) was an armed conflict which began when the ethnic Albanian NLA (National Liberation Army) millitant group began attacking the security forces of the Republic of Macedonia at the beginning of February 2001. Around this time England and America had various support “Pacts” with countries like these. He could well have been sent for support in the Tetovo, Skopje or Kumanovo areas. But obviously he has been to Macedonia and obviously there has been conflict after the end of WWII?