Tea(m) Time: Jayme Catsouphes

Tea(m) Time: Jayme Catsouphes

It is Friday, that means it is time for our weekly employee interview series that we have dubbed “Tea(m) Time”! Today, let’s welcome Jayme Catsouphes to our team in San Francisco! Listen to his audio “hello” below and continue down the page for more!

Hi there! Thanks for the interview – can you say “hi” to everyone in your native language

Where are you from?
I grew up in the birthplace of America – Lexington, Massachusetts! That’s where the first shot of the Revolutionary War was fired. These days, Lexington is most notable for its impressive collection of banks and hair salons.

How did you get introduced to SoundCloud?
Around spring 2010, I started seeing that iconic webplayer popping up all over the place, so I created an account and found I really enjoyed using it, both as a blogger and as a musician.

What do you do at SoundCloud?
I’m a Community Support Specialist on the Community Team. So you know where it says, “Need help from a human?” at the bottom of this page – http://help.soundcloud.com/ ? I’m that guy :) And I’d be happy to answer any question or solve any problem you can throw at me!

What is your favorite sound?
Oh man… not a fair question. But how about some bluesy Hammond organ?

What sound do you hate?
One hand clapping… And this:


What’s your favorite word?

How is it working at such an international and diverse office?
Swwwweeeeet! I love learning new phrases in new languages, trying new foods, beers. And it’s nice to have a good excuse to pop over to Europe every once in awhile.

If you could say that you are passionate about anything, what would it be?
Sound!! I’m a nerd about it in pretty much every possible way. I love music, I love the physics of sound, I love sound engineering, I love radio, I love drooling over audiophile stereo systems and vintage mics and preamps.

Why do you think someone should apply to SoundCloud?
If you want to be surrounded by positive, creative, passionate people and enjoy feeling like you’re a valued part of a mission-based company (unmute the web!), you’ll love working here. And if you are one of those people who believes sound is more powerful than video, even better!

What do you like most about San Francisco?
The WEATHER!! Seriously, I actually do like the weather in SF. It’s always pants weather, so you can look super fabulous 365. Haha, but yeah fog ain’t so bad compared to a New England winter, and you can easily escape it with a quick road trip, if need be.

But no, my real answer is the energy of the city. It feels exciting without feeling hectic and I love that people are so ready to embrace different ways of thinking and living.

What are your favorite sounds on the ‘cloud ?
Love me some Snap Judgment, and Love + Radio. Great storytelling there.

And I really love this little ditty by Alt J –

Do you have any fun facts you would like to share?
I was in a Fruit Roll-Ups commercial when I was in 5th grade. And I have a titanium plate in my face. Hollah!

Where can we find you on the interwebz?

Twitter: @jcatsoup
SoundCloud: jcatsoup

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