Become Our Arts & Culture Fellow!

Become Our Arts & Culture Fellow!

We’re super stoked to be in our second week of the SoundCloud Fellowship call for entries. Keep those proposals rolling in and the audio introductions coming!

We also wanted to share an opportunity for those who devour art and culture like a fiend. We are looking for an Arts & Culture Fellow to create a proposal expressing his or her passion for the arts – someone who wants to spread his or her enthusiasm across the world (wide web) and do this, of course, through sound.

We’ll hook you up with our art and culture friends out in the UK like the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the English National Opera, and the Fringe Festival. We’ll get you access to events, connect you with artists, and support your journey as you explore the art world through your own creative lens.

If this sounds interesting to you, send us your proposal using the SoundCloud Fellowship application process and mark it “Art & Culture” at the top.

We’ve got 16 more days before we close our call for entries. High fives to all the folks who have emailed us their proposals already. We’re loving your ideas and feeling your enthusiasm for our program. Thank you and good luck! For those who are a bit trigger shy, don’t sit on those ideas any longer. We know you have ideas brewing in your head, but now is the time to get them written down and sent to eliana[dot]sur[at] Remember to say “hello” by dropping your audio intro in our SoundCloud Fellows DropBox.

 Get your voice heard. Make an impact. Let’s do this!

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