SoundCloud and the Arts

SoundCloud and the Arts

Sound has always had a relationship with art & culture, from performances and sound art to audio museum tours, sound is often a big part of the experience. Now SoundCloud is popping up in the world of art & culture too!

Mini Operas music making round introduction from English National Opera on Vimeo.

We are happy to support a number of interesting events taking place around the world, providing the sound technology in various ways. Currently, we’re involved in the English National Opera’s Soundtrack competition Mini Operas which is running until 23 July. This groundbreaking worldwide search for fresh, new operatic talent including writers, composers and performers is seeking to do no less than reinvent opera for future generations. Competition entries are submitted via SoundCloud, and we’re excited about our participation in attracting new audiences and breaking new ground in the field of opera.

In August, we’ll kick off another round of our involvement with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest performing arts festival in the world, this time with a whole new level of sound technology integration. Performers at the festival , which covers a wide range of artistic tastes like for example comedy or poetry, will be able to record and upload sounds to the festival website using SoundCloud.

We’re also working with London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts in staging Soundworks, which will run until September 16. This virtual sound exhibition showcases hundreds of sound works by artists from all over the world. SoundCloud is the hosting platform through which Soundworks’ sound art is delivered, not only on the event website, but it can also be explored at the actual exhibition space on a listening pod provided.

Get Involved!

If you live in the UK, you can get involved in the Arts by becoming our Arts and Culture Fellow, but hurry the deadline to apply is only 15 days away! More information here.

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