Community Fellows: Life Advice Radio, NightBus Radio, Random Tape, Working Now

Community Fellows: Life Advice Radio, NightBus Radio, Random Tape, Working Now

After announcing this year’s final 15 SoundCloud Community Fellows last week, we’re introducing their first project tracks this week. We’re excited to be welcoming such brilliant folks whose projects showcase the breadth and uniqueness of sound.

Yesterday, we introduced three NYC-based Fellows. Today, let’s swing over to the West Coast and introduce four fellows from Los Angeles. Featured in Media Bistro’s FishbowlLA feature yesterday, their projects will make you laugh, smile, tap your foot to the beat, and ponder the meaning of work.

Life Advice Radio

Life is beautiful with lots of amusing, introspective moments in between. Jake de Grazia is exploring life’s more amusing problems through sound advice. You’ll want to tune in.

Follow along at:
Twitter:  @jdegrazia

NightBus Radio

Live vicariously through Jack Kennedy who will be traveling by Greyhound bus all over the US, performing with locals and capturing bits of their music, culture and community.

Follow along at:
Twitter: @jfk_nightbus

Random Tape

In every audio you hear, there will be random, intriguing bits, uncoded moments that David Weinberg hopes to share through found sounds and community contributions.

Follow along at:
Twitter: @radioweinberg

Working Now

Transom Story Workshop alums will share stories of the working lives of people to commemorate oral historian and radio producer Studs Terkel’s 40th Anniversary book Working. As he wrote, “a search for daily meaning as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as cash, for astonishment rather than torpor; in short, for a sort of life rather than a Monday though Friday sort of dying.”

Follow along at:
Twitter: @WorkingRadio

We’ve got 8 more fantastic folks to introduce in the next few days. From now until the end of the October, we’ll be sharing all their project updates. Fellows will also be reporting back their own personal experiences of this journey. We hope you join them in unmuting the web!

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