Community Fellows: DecodeDC, Sound School, Guidebooks

Community Fellows: DecodeDC, Sound School, Guidebooks

After announcing this year’s final 15 SoundCloud Community Fellows last week, we’re introducing their first project tracks this week.  We’re excited to be welcoming such brilliant folks whose projects showcase the breadth and uniqueness of sound.

We have the final group of Fellows to introduce tomorrow. Today, welcome three projects that facilitate critical thinking, learning and creativity in collaborations.


“It’s time to stop colluding with government,” says Andrea Seabrook, former NPR Congressional Correspondent. Andrea shared with Politico why she left the experience of covering Capitol Hill. Read the piece here and listen to a great intro of the first episode of DecodeDC “The House of (Mis)representatives.”

Follow along at:
Twitter: @DecodeDC

Sound School

Laura Haapio-Kirk wants to source any and every lesson on sound submitted by a variety of folks, from the community to researchers and educational institutions. Share your experiences, tips and talents.

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Twitter: @SoundSchool2012


A UK-Germany connected band will take sounds submitted by the SoundCloud community to create a story together, where it will feel “like being in a band with everyone.” The final tracks will compose of their 4th full-length album “From Where I’m Standing.”

Start dropping your original sounds and recordings with them here.

Follow along at:
Twitter: @Guidebooksband

We’ve got the final set of fantastic folks to introduce tomorrow. If you missed the last introductions, check back here. From now until the end of the October, we’ll be sharing all their project updates. Fellows will also be reporting back their own personal experiences of this journey. We hope you join them in unmuting the web!

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