David SoundCloud Speaks #4 – Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Earlier this year, we introduced our new audio series ‘SoundCloud Speaks‘, where we take an in-depth look into stories from the ‘cloud, and the users behind them. Today, we’re happy to present our fourth installment.


In this episode, we went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (the largest Arts & Culture festival in the world) and spoke to artists, comedians, performers and sound lovers who use sound to express and promote themselves. For more information about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival please check out edfringe.com.

You can also check out some great audio from the festival and our wrap post via our blog.

SoundCloud Speaks‘ is your show, so let us know what you’d like to hear. If you have a story you’d like to tell, a question you’d like answered, or want to recommend a friend’s sounds for us to share, get in touch by either leaving a comment.

You can hear all previous episodes here.

Thanks again for listening, hope you enjoy!

(For more spoken word, check out our blog series ‘SoundCloud Voices’)

  • Erfan Erfani

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  • Erfan Erfani

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