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Jane Community Fellows: From Hear To There, The Truth, Tiny Spark

We announced this year’s final 15 SoundCloud Community Fellows on the blog last week. We’re excited to be welcoming such brilliant folks whose projects showcase the breadth and uniqueness of sound.

For the rest of this week, we’ll be sharing the first tracks of each Fellow’s project, so let’s get started. Three New Yorkers have joined the fellowship. Read more about the “motley crew” of local NY fellows from Brooklyn and Manhattan in this BetaBeat feature here.

From Hear to There

Nadia Wilson’s project is an “audio ethnography” of the NYC subway. Nadia will capture the stories and soundscapes that emerge, from the A to the Z line.

Follow along at:
Twitter:  @HearToThere

The Truth

Jonathan Mitchell’s The Truth podcast is an audio drama, “a movie for your ears.” Throughout his Fellowship, immerse yourself in a political drama series based on the upcoming elections with a Halloween twist. Spooky!

Follow along at:
Twitter: @thetruthapm

Tiny Spark

Amy Costello wants to spark debate and investigation into the Business of Doing Good. Perk your ears up to hear what she finds in her podcast, Tiny Spark.

Follow along at:
Twitter: @tinyspark_org

Look forward to the next set of Fellows’ first introductions the rest of this week. From now until the end of the October, we’ll be sharing all their project updates. Fellows will also be reporting back their own personal experiences of this journey. We hope you join them in unmuting the web!

David WE Hack

This weekend, we celebrated the inaugural company-wide hack weekend called WE Hack (Weekend Hack).

The aim of WE Hack was to spend a Friday and Saturday outside of the office to bond as a team and to learn. Listen to Hannes, who explains how WE Hack came to be:

We kicked off Friday morning with everyone pitching their hack ideas and getting their team in shape, here’s an audio snapshot with a selection of teams explaining what they’re building.

Here’s a selection of 20 hacks that were built during the weekend:

  1. Toybox: a toddler’s toy built on Arduino and Raspberry Pi able to play back custom SoundCloud sounds in reaction to the physical world.
  2. Never Ending Story (We Hack 2012 winner): the age-old kid’s game: start a story and pass it on. You just hear the last part and you create the next one. Hacking content!
  3. Soundifyificationizer: turns text into music by mapping groups of characters to MIDI notes for melody and drums.
  4. H.O.V.A: “We build a “HOVA” hovercraft and it is hovering badass! Here’s our blog
  5. StreadCloud: memefy our Chief Architect Sean Tradway. Includes voting and is powered by Redis & Clojure
  6. Ruly: R U Lost Yet gives your friends and map with audio-powered step-by-step directions
  7. Graphiz: a visualization of connections on SoundCloud
  8. Deutsch Dienstag: an English-German phrasebook. Click an English sentence to hear the German translation
  9. BunnyStall: revive the NabazTag! Take the NabaztagHackKit and build custom Applications for u Bunny!
  10. SoundCal: allows users to add SoundCloud tracks to a calendar via the artwork widget
  11. Foodbaby: a website that let’s you collect your favorite recipes via an “Eat Later” bookmarklet. Once you cooked the meal you can connect the recipe to an Instagram photo of the dish.
  12. Desmond: we ported the Android SoundCloud app to Google’s new experimental media streaming device, the Nexus Q.
  13. Day In Sound: a day in the life of a SoundClouder in 2015
  14. SoundChain: a Chinese whispers like app where you record a sound and send it to someone to continue and eventually make into a chain of sounds.
  15. TweetSpeak: allows you to speak your own tweets. Pick your best tweet, record it, and post it to Twitter.
  16. Wedoc: we documented the weekend by creating audio interviews and montages and by building
  17. Lunchbox: a mobile app enabling SoundCloud staffers to meet for lunch
  18. Message In A Bottle: short message broadcasting with anonymous replies. Think of anonymous twitter.
  19. The Passion Project: gathering stories of individuals sharing their passion with the world
  20. Screen Printing Workshop: we learned how to screen print our own We Hack tshirts (thanks to our friends at Etsy Labs in Berlin!)

Visit to relive the weekend in reverse chronological order and see our Facebook Page for more photos of the event.

Want to be part of next year’s WE Hack: we’re hiring and you should totally join our team

Special thanks to Betahaus for providing the We Hack location and to Prinzessinnengarten for hosting us for after-hack drinks.

Extra special thanks to the team responsible for making WE Hack a reality: Hannes, Mathilde, Tim, Nick, Lisa, Matthias, Thom and Alex.


David Tea(m) Time with Laura Dunne

It is Friday again, that means it is time for our weekly employee interview series that we have dubbed “Tea(m) Time”! Today, help us welcome Laura Dunne to our team in Berlin!

On Wednesday Laura and I took a walk around Mitte, the neighborhood (“kiez” auf Deutsch) in Berlin where the SoundCloud HQ is located. We chatted about the Irish language, Laura’s deep love of music that stems from her upbringing and she talked to me about her new life in Berlin. Listen to her full interview below!

Specifics: Laura Dunne, originally from Ireland, Community Support Specialist, based in the Berlin HQ

Favorite sound: An orchestra tuning up!

Passions: Music & going to gigs with her music loving family! Also, Laura played the Violin for 5 years.

Favorite thing about Berlin: The people & the laid back vibe!

Favorite Irish words: Sceallóga = chips! & Sceitimíní = excited

If she could be in one band, it would be..: Katy Perry! As a back-up dancer/singer

Laura’s favorite sounds on the ‘cloud are:

Gottfried Beyer – Uhura

and KO KO – So Strange

You can follow Laura on the Internetz here:

If you want to join Laura in Berlin and get your own Tea(m) Time, check out our job openings here!