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Jane Follow the Fellow #5: Here Be Monsters, Guidebooks, From Hear To There, Working Now and more

Another great week by the SoundCloud Community Fellows. Revisit all tracks here.

Here Be Monsters
Placentophagy is the act of eating placenta. More mothers are saving their placentas to eat after childbirth. In this episode, Jeff hears (sees and smells!) the cooking process of saving placenta for consumption Photos of placenta-cooking (warning: blood)!

The lovely folks of Guidebooks need more original raw sounds so share at their Group page. They wanted to give you a small taste of what they’ve come up so far with the use of several SoundClouders’ submitted sounds. Oh, and they say hey.

Working Now
What’s it like to be a brewer, miner, blacksmith or teacher? Listen to the individual episodes here and the full wrap-up below.

From Hear to There

Do flowers solve any problem or help lovers make up? Nadia meets a guy who seems to think so. Any New Yorkers have a great love story to share? Tell it to Nadia here to be featured!

“Ever have that sinking feeling that your voice isn’t heard in Washington? It could be because it isn’t.” Share your thoughts with Andrea Seabrook at Help support her Kickstarter campaign and be part of a movement to revolutionize news reporting.

Road to the Royal Mile
Hayden Cohen’s interviews from the Royal Mile at Edinburgh Fringe Festival continue on, featuring Victorian Magicians and writer & performer Sarah Hamilton. More excellent interviews here!

Life Advice Radio
Imagine applying to the first job opportunities that get posted on Craigslist. And one of those is casting people for a dating reality show? Jake de Grazia meets a man who does just that.

Jane Follow the Fellows: Progress Update #1 by Guidebooks

This week’s guest post is by 2012 SoundCloud Community Fellow Guidebooks. They’re creating a full-length album with the help of SoundClouders all around the world. How? Contribute an original sound sample to them, and they’ll create magical music thanks to you.

Hey All! We have been busy both collecting samples through the Group Dropbox and whilst on the road. Next comes the studio, where we’re holed up compiling found sounds and combining these with traditional instrumentation. This is an intriguing and exciting project to keep your eyes and ears on.

We’d love to share the progress so far. Let us know what you think!

We snapped some pictures on the road this week while sourcing additional sounds and getting vocals in. We’re re-sampling the sounds and manipulating them to form what we need to write with.

Anyway, lots of great sounds are starting to roll in to our SoundCloud group but we need more so please contribute and get others to do so as well at

It really does feel like we have a lot of people joining our band all of a sudden! But you know- this is tough. There’s a lot of notebooks filled with scribbled lyrics and half written lines. Slowly ideas are forming and some are coming from the contexts and stories around the sources of the sounds themselves.

It’s strange and a little bit exhilarating to feel that as the samples roll in, we are not fully in control of what we will have to work with. It’ll be interesting to see what people send to us and what way we have to twist and adapt. This is an important part of the process though, like lifting your hands off the handlebars. It feels different, but in a good way.

In adventures,
Guidebooks x

Jane Follow the Fellows: Texas Spaceships by NightBus Radio

This week’s guest post by 2012 SoundCloud Community Fellow Jack Kennedy’s NightBus Radio. Read on and listen to his adventures in Austin, Texas and drop a pledge to his Kickstarter if you want a postcard from this modern-day minstrel!

I met a woman named Belinda in New Orleans who was moving to California and had a 1984 Toyota Celica. She invited me to join her for the drive west and was going through Austin.

We stopped at a zydeco dance in Lafayette, Louisiana. The dance was mainly an older crowd of 6o somethings doing the 2 step and waltzing slowly around the dancefloor. I tried to keep up but my dance training is mainly in the moonwalk and backspin.

We got back to the car and all the doors were open, including the hatch back. Nothing seemed to be missing but the car was in disarray. Belinda’s clothes were all over the front seats and I had some tax documents laid out across the dashboard. Probably to be photographed.

Belinda asked me to drive. I’d never driven a manual transmission before. She didn’t notice me grinding the gears and stalling all the way to the highway.

Somewhere near Shreveport she fell asleep. It felt great to drive a car and listen to the radio. My 2nd favorite song by The Band, Up On Cripple Creek came on the radio. Levon Helm was singing “Lakes Charles Louisiana” just as I was passing a sign which read “Lake Charles Louisiana.” The universe was having a laugh at me.

Near the Texas border, a blimp-like airplane appeared in the rear view. It was now dusk and the blimp had some elaborate lighting similar to what you’d see in the original Tron movie. The blimp was moving fast and eventually was traveling along side the right hand side of the car, about 3 miles away and 1000 feet in the air. The radio on the car began cutting in and out and my iPhone lost all power. I checked Belinda’s phone on the dash and it was off. The ship pulled away into the sunset and the radio came back on. Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders from Mars was cutting in and out.

We arrived in Austin a few hours later and found a weekly boarding house for 100 bucks. The owner was a curious guy named Scooter. He was going on about anti corporate hostel unions in southern Texas and some injustices being waged against barista unions. I was too tired to keep up but I knew instinctively that I liked Scooter.

It was late but we decided to go to the White Horse and for some dancing. I saw a few solid country bands and made arrangements to record one of them the next day. I caught a blond girl looking at me so I asked her to dance. I stepped all over her feet but she laughed.

We danced for a few numbers then sat at the bar and talked. She told me her name was Olivia and I told her my name was Jack. She was a waitress and a singer. Her mom had died when she was very young and her father was in the army so she had moved around a lot as a child. She invited me back to her house in South Austin and we caught a cab.

We spent a few hours listening to old country records and making out. She had a song she had written called “My Ex-Girlfriend Is A Slut” which we recorded very quickly on an old Dictaphone. She went into the kitchen and hollered “Hey Kennedy, do you want some espresso?” I hadn’t told her my last name. “No, thanks.” It’s probably had some weird truth serum in it.

I thanked her for the southern hospitality and walked home just at the sun and the birds were coming out.

I woke up really late and walked a half mile to a blues guitarist’s house. His name was Will Knaak. I had a song called “A Girl Called Elvis” which I thought he’d be great to play on. Were recorded for a few hours and he told me about his life.