Follow the Fellows #2: Working Now, The Truth, From Hear to There & more

Follow the Fellows #2: Working Now, The Truth, From Hear to There & more

SoundCloud Community Fellows have been continuing to provide the latest on their projects. Here’s last week’s recap. We promise you when we say there will be something you will love. These projects will pique your curiosity and inspiration. Hear from some of their latest:

Working Now – The latest submissions of stories about the working lives of people today. From a figure model to a bus driver, get to know these individuals.

The Truth
Election-related horror episodes? Surely! Jonathan Mitchell serves up some spooky “movies for your ears,” like his latest episode That’s Democracy.

Random Tape
Rewind the tape with David Weinberg as he shares where he was when Barack Obama first became President of the United States here.

Here Be Monsters
Jeff’s latest podcast is a story about a lesson in gift-giving to an ex-commando ex-boyfriend in Istanbul, Turkey. Listen to the rest of his episodes here.

From Hear to There
Nadia Wilson is “the lady on the NY subway with the big glasses and a microphone.” She meets a violinist who has played in the subway for 30 years.

Road to the Royal Mile
Hayden Cohen shares the stories and interviews with folks along the Royal Mile at the largest arts and culture festival in the world: Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Meet the comedians and entertainers he’s gotten a chance to chat with.

NightBus Radio
Live vicariously through Jack’s adventures in the Carolinas (mmm, pickled rabbit ears included). His latest stop is in Chicago. Follow along on his adventures and tune into some new tunes that will make up his new album here.

Tiny Spark
Is an unqualified volunteer better than no volunteer at all? Amy Costello explores in her latest episode of Tiny Spark.

Pop Up Archive
The ladies of Pop Up Archive guest blogged about why archiving is important. Nikki Silva of the Kitchen Sisters share more on that as well below.

And that’s a wrap for this week! The Fellows are also on Pinterest. Follow them here.

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