Follow the Fellows #4: Guidebooks, Pop Up Archive, Road to the Royal Mile & more

Follow the Fellows #4: Guidebooks, Pop Up Archive, Road to the Royal Mile & more

SoundCloud Community Fellows share the latest in this week’s content review. Revisit all tracks here.

From Hear to There
Ever locked eyes with someone on the subway? From Hear to There would love to hear your subway love stories so if your friends and loved ones met underground, record the story here to be featured!

Working Now – Pickling, sole crafting and working at a cemetery. These are some of the trades that Working Now submissions showcased this week. Curious? Listen to the individual episodes here and the full wrap-up below.


Guidebooks stopped by our Berlin office today! They’re a US/UK/Germany-connected band that needs your help with their next album release. Submit an original raw sound/recording of yours to their Group page, and they’ll create magic with it and the hundreds of other sounds they’ve received.

The Appreciation Engine
The Appreciation Engine is almost ready to launch! Stephanie Dub shares an update so far on the progress. What things have you been appreciative of this week?

Sound School 
The Monterey Jazz Festival and English National Opera were some of the latest contributors to the Sound School. Folks like Herbie Hancock and Clint Eastwood share their favorite jazz influencers and advice. Have a a listen and  contribute your own tips and tricks to the Sound School!

Here Be Monsters

What the! A horseceptionist? That was taken at the Medicine Horse Program in Boulder, CO where Jeff Emtman’s Here Be Monsters latest episode took place. Der Kluge Hans, Clever Hans, was an intelligent horse in the 1900s who purportedly could do arithmetic and was telepathic! Jeff Emtman explores equine intelligence in this latest episode.

Pop Up Archive

Congratulations to Anne Wootton and Bailey Smith who are one of six winners of the Knight Foundation News Challenge: Data. They’re on a mission to move and preserve your unused work from the dusty shelves and drives into a reusable archive. They wrote you a letter so come say hello to them in their latest Follow the Fellows guest post.

“Ever have that sinking feeling that your voice isn’t heard in Washington? It could be because it isn’t.” Share your thoughts with Andrea Seabrook at Read NiemanLab’s feature on Andrea’s mission to debunk DC.

Road to the Royal Mile
Hayden Cohen’s interviews from the Royal Mile at Edinburgh Fringe Festival were with Mervyn Stutter, Fringe Overload and the guys from Lights! Camera! Improvise!  More excellent interviews here!

NightBus Radio
Modern-day minstrel Jack Kennedy is traveling by Greyhound bus to meet locals and capture the culture and music of the cities he’s visiting. Last stop was in New Orleans, and now he’s hanging out in Austin. More of his own account here and support his Kickstarter campaign.

And like the saying goes…Keep Austin Weird!

Random Tape
David Weinberg interviews a person who was a contestant on the Price is Right show…but something terrible happened just as he was asked to “come on down!” from the audience. Listen to what happened below!

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